Traducción de iconify en Español:


iconizar, v.

Pronunciación /aɪˈkɑnəˌfaɪ//ʌɪˈkɒnɪfʌɪ/

verbo transitivoiconifying, iconified, iconifies


  • 1

    • They provide the facility which allows you to move your windows around the screen, iconify and maximize them, and kill off those applications which just refuse to go away.
    • This tool can be handy for long-running tasks; substitute the program name for the sleep command, and it will iconify the window, do the work and get back in your face when it's done.
    • Moreover, Celtic Kings iconifies badly, which is annoying for me because I'm always trying to do something in the background.
    • Windows belonging to the same Window groups can be iconified, killed, moved and shaded all at the same time.
    • When the smoothdock program is running, everything becomes iconified, except the pager for the virtual desktops, including running tasks.