Traducción de ideal en Español:


ideal, adj.

Pronunciación /aɪˈdi(ə)l//ʌɪˈdɪəl//ʌɪˈdiːəl/


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    (system/situation) ideal
    that would be ideal for me para mí eso sería ideal
    • In reality, this ideal comparison group does not exist.
    • Mathematics concerns mental activity, not some ideal realm of independently existing entities.
    • Ninety-two percent of women said dependability is a desirable characteristic in an ideal mate.
    • Such a system would be ideal for any school as children too would be saved the embarrassment of being singled out for resource room training.
    • I was 18 years old at the time I met Rick, and my petite frame seemed ideal for modeling.
    • Korea's location is ideal for foreign businessmen seeking market opportunities in the Asia Pacific region.
    • This model proved to be ideal for those who have to scan multi-page text documents, magazine illustrations for the Web, and standard photographs.
    • The black and white colour combination is classic but ideal for the younger lady for it is the colour to be seen in this, and every other, season.
    • Only 2,000 crossblade models have been built and it comes with a completely waterproof interior, ideal for the normal British summer.
    • In your ideal fantasy world there will be people dancing around in circles, holding hands with daisy chains in their hair.
    • Otherwise, the concept was ideal for providing theatre experience for young actors.
    • It's a place of friendship, an ideal city of the imagination.
    • These organizations can make you aware of internship opportunities, which are ideal for giving you experience and exposure into the industry.
    • In an ideal world we can fantasise about replicating the idyllic childhoods of the past, but the horrible truth is that we can no longer afford that fantasy.
    • This 14 oz steak, complete with mussels, squid and the like, is ideal for those who can't decide.
    • Therein lies the gap between ideal principle and business reality.
    • As a director you want to put on great plays to attract great actors and Mr Pinter is absolutely ideal for that.
    • The sentimental and emotional atmosphere captivated them and induced them to seek in death an ideal dream world, transcending reality.
    • The completed homes would be ideal for first time buyers and those interested in investing in a weekend retreat.
    • From past experience, the ideal candidate is likely a college student or recent college grad.
    • And while the calm waters were not ideal for sailing, they were perfect for cruising.
    • Light and easy to wear, this beachwear classic is ideal for perfecting that all-over-tan.
    • Even in its most radical form, the politics of representation always presupposes an abstract or ideal state that would act as guarantor of its chosen representations.
    • Both major political parties have already aired the concept of vouchers, and diagnostics would be ideal for a pilot.
    • No doubt a pole would be absolutely ideal for crucians and possibly give even better presentation.
    • Those stories, I never enjoyed them as much as she presumed - it was too ideal to be a reality.
    • This is where we need to come out from the ideal world and talk reality.
    • For a poet content to dwell in the gap between an inner and outer reality and between ideal and real worlds, nostalgia for the past must not monopolize one's identity.
    • Jen is an essential element of Confucianism and represents an ideal state in which an individual maintains harmonious social relationships with his fellow men.
    • Gun positions that are ideal for range and coverage might not be suitable because of intervening features and masking fire.
    • The concept appears ideal for the wide variety of actions that an expeditionary US military force may face in the twenty-first century.
    • The classic alien-spacecraft shape turned out to be ideal for an airship developed to photograph hard-to-reach corners of big buildings.


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    (idea of perfection)
    ideal masculino
    • Gagarin was pushed by the Soviets as the epitome of the Communist ideal.
    • Gisele Bundchen took to the catwalks and glossy perfection once more became the ideal.
    • Everyone thought of him as the perfect ideal of the American citizen.
    • In the mind's ear, one has an ideal of the perfect performance of a piece.
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    ideal masculino
    • Or do we do a little of both, going back and forth, and back again, from moral intuition to principled ideal?
    • Otherwise, collective security remained more an ideal than a reality as the twentieth century ended.
    • We more readily fight for something we own than over a high-minded ideal.
    • This dogma was part of the reaction against the ideals and principles of the Russian Revolution.
    • Affordable housing is an ideal rather than a reality.
    • It must be remembered that as a profession, we have the highest ideals and standards to uphold.
    • The ideal of universal education dies hard, but Labour has done its best to bury it.
    • Or perhaps the nuclear family has always been more of an ideal than a reality.
    • The world's women are on the forefront of making this ideal a reality.
    • Democrats like to blather interminably about democracy, which presumably represents their ideal.
    • By adding project extranet capabilities to the core CAD applications, the company has helped make that ideal a working reality for many firms.
    • Although it is based on the parables of Jesus, it lays down principles and ideals for living that are relevant to all faiths.
    • The democratic principle in this form expresses an ideal of citizenship rather than a standard of liberal legitimacy.
    • Ms Toynbee works on that fantastic assumption underlying the ideal of universal education, that everyone can be and wants to be and therefore should be educated.
    • Yet they all fought for the same sort of ideals and principles as those in the International Brigades.
    • Equality between the sexes is an ideal, not a reality.
    • These are no longer simply liberal ideals; they are essential weapons in the war on neo-terror.
    • Sure, the ideal would be perfect control of documents as they get passed around and changed.
    • Freedom of the press from state interference should be a cherished ideal in a constitutional republic.
    • Mere arguments about ‘sustainable use’ may be more of a utopian ideal than a possible reality.