Traducción de identical en Español:


idéntico, adj.

Pronunciación /ˌaɪˈdɛn(t)ək(ə)l//ʌɪˈdɛntɪk(ə)l/


  • 1

    (exactly alike)
    these vases are/look identical estos jarrones son/parecen idénticos
    • to be identical to / with sth ser idéntico a algo
    • As with the prints in the palm of human beings, which varies from person to person, no cobra is identical to another, he said.
    • The really fascinating thing about apples, though, is that each apple is genetically identical to other apples of the same variety.
    • It was otherwise identical to the other Pizza Express restaurants in every detail.
    • They found it in several Impressionist paintings in which some of the main visual themes were identical to myopic vision.
    • For the final day, Torrance has picked an outfit identical to the one he wore while sinking that putt 17 years ago.
    • And in this film, more than any before it, the generated people look almost identical to the real thing.
    • The new towns today are not identical to the blueprints that birthed them.
    • Some of the ‘actors’ live lives identical to the parts they play in the movie.
    • Each room is bright white and practically identical to the next, with only minor differences.
    • After the exam I was handed off to the saleslady; we found frames identical to my present set.
    • This show was almost identical to the afternoon show, with a song or two swapped out on the set list, plus a song from Silver as a favor to label owner, Cory.
    • He was playing a tune that was almost identical to Rod Stewart's Sailing but wasn't quite, presumably for copyright reasons.
    • The survival rate for men in America is nearly identical to women.
    • In many ways, many of the church's messages today are similar but far from identical to those preached by Martin Luther.
    • To the untrained ear, the Wagnerian clarinet sounds almost identical to its more modern cousin.
    • It's always different, and no situation is identical to anything else.
    • The bakers Warburtons are running a TV commercial for a new loaf that is identical to a wholemeal loaf - except that it is white.
    • Their intermarriage rate is 21%, nearly identical to that of other religious groups.
    • The scam is almost identical to one three years ago when a group of South Africans trying to con another Asian entrepreneur were caught in a police sting.
    • According to Emily's father, Ross looks almost identical to his porcelain-complexioned daughter.
  • 2coloquial

    it's the identical brooch I lost last week es el mismísimo prendedor que perdí la semana pasada
    • The solicitor should not be exposed to two separate actions for the identical loss.
    • Does a restaurant get three stars here only if the identical restaurant would get three stars in Paris?