Traducción de identity theft en Español:

identity theft

robo de identidad, n.



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    robo de identidad masculino
    • Using identity theft to generate finance agreements to purchase BMWs, Jaguars, etc was pretty smart.
    • The rise of identity theft and misuse of intellectual property has fueled smart card popularity as well.
    • If you do become a victim of identity theft place a fraud alert with one of the three major credit agencies.
    • Three recent revelations have driven home just how pervasive, and dangerous, identity theft can be.
    • The mandate of the unit is telemarketing fraud, identity theft, and the Nigerian scam.
    • Have you been the victim of identity theft or credit card fraud?
    • It has to be said that, as crimes go, identity theft hardly lends itself to riveting drama in the same way as armed robbery or drug dealing.
    • The single greatest deterrent to identity theft is probably a paper shredder.
    • The collected details are used for credit card fraud and identity theft.
    • It would lower the risk of consumer identity theft and unauthorized corporate system access.
    • Many people innocently believe that they're safe from credit card fraud and identity theft in the brick and mortar world.
    • We're seeing a huge increase in identity theft and associated financial theft.
    • The extra step is far less trouble than cleaning up after an identity theft.
    • You can get plenty of other help in resolving identity theft without spending a dime.
    • Sometimes these calls are used to gather information for equipment or identity theft.
    • In response to the growing crime epidemic, many states have passed laws related to identity theft.
    • Their goal is identity theft, and to defraud the person who has become infected with the virus.
    • They were accused of using stolen and falsified credit cards, identity theft and banking fraud.
    • It is estimated that identity theft currently costs the financial services industry £400m a year.
    • The thieves run scams in two ways: outright identity theft and impersonation fraud.