Traducción de idiocy en Español:


idiotez, n.

Pronunciación /ˈɪdɪəsi//ˈɪdiəsi/

nombrePlural idiocies

  • 1

    idiotez femenino
    imbecilidad femenino
    • Now, there is no idiocy on the left, except the worship of Stalin, that is not mirrored on the right.
    • I'll admit to the thrill of scoring what I consider a direct hit against some fashionable idiocy.
    • Is there any point in the usual method of the blogger - dealing point by point with such idiocy and delusion?
    • It's idiotic, but idiocy in the defence of freedom is no vice.
    • Fortunately, for once I don't seem to be the only one convinced of his idiocy - most of his backbenchers are too.
    • Apparently it's better to be in favour of marriage than to be against outrageous idiocy.
    • Indeed through all the mayhem and idiocy, Blue prove perfectly captivating.
    • At the end, though, sectarian idiocy gave way to mass jubilation.
    • Rolling her eyes and shaking her head at her own idiocy, her thoughts returned to the subject.
    • Socialism is obviously superior to that classical liberal idiocy, so quit the whingeing.
    • Moore is also adept at letting assorted crazies expose their idiocy on camera.
    • And, in the face of such unfeeling, unthinking idiocy, how can old Britons remain hopeful?
    • Yes, I recently put myself in a possibly vulnerable position and got the backlash of my idiocy.
    • That sentence is worth reading a couple of times, if only to savour its breathtaking idiocy and vacuity.
    • Like his previous idiocy it is the sort of political trick that looks clever for 10 minutes.
    • Actually, I've found situations like this are an almost perfect barometer of idiocy.
    • The duo display a likable rapport and a healthy sense of irony, and their show is punctuated by flashes of invigorating idiocy.
    • That would seem to be either the highest levels of idiocy, or the deepest level of conspiracy.
    • There can only be a handful of people in the land that would find that sort of idiocy impressive - but trust Hari to know every one of them.
    • Crazy wisdom versus sane idiocy is a recurring tendency in modern American poetry.