Traducción de idiot en Español:


idiota, n.

Pronunciación /ˈɪdiət//ˈɪdɪət/


  • 1coloquial

    (foolish person)
    idiota femenino coloquial
    imbécil masculino coloquial
    (grin/laugh) (before noun) de idiota
    you stupid idiot, look what you've done! ¡idiota / imbécil! ¡mira lo que has hecho!
    • my idiot brother el idiota de mi hermano
    • He and Paul were running around like idiots, acting more stupid than normal with the promise of summer so soon.
    • If he's such an idiot, how stupid are your guys to be losing to him this repeatedly?
    • Did we have idiots regulating morons or mice monitoring vipers?
    • It is not a laughing matter, and it is certainly not caused by working with someone - as these stupid little idiots implied.
    • First of all, that's a stupid name, those children are idiots.
    • The idiot students who got the broadcast internships are the same idiots who now have the broadcast jobs.
    • According to reports, at least half of the one hundred sheer blinding idiots stupid enough to mount the fencing and jump needed treatment from paramedics.
    • I felt like such an idiot that morning, like a stupid dog that would follow him around wherever he went.
    • But unfortunately people did turn up, the stupid idiots, so I had to do my show.
    • The potential for chaos and lawsuits and cranky alumni is there but these aren't idiots you have hired and people aren't as stupid online as you fear.
    • There is nothing to be proud of or there is nothing clever about what these stupid idiots are doing.
    • Which, all in all, does tend to make me look very much like an incomparable idiot.
    • They think of me as an idiot, a fool, some disheveled thing rather than one of them.
    • Instead, it's filled with a menagerie of idiots doing stupid things.
    • It appears that we consumers would cease to be stupid, trusting idiots if the finance industry stopped being so obfuscating when persuading us to spend our money with them.
    • Stupid idiots that know they are going to die but don't care anyway.
    • And he is not coming into court acting like an idiot and being stupid on the stand.
    • Yet, you are too stupid and self-absorbed to realize just how much of an idiot you are.
    • Granted, they are still smarter than us but its one thing to be an idiot and quite another to choose to marry an idiot.
    • So not only was it frustrating enough having stupid idiots bashing into us, we got caught on the edge of a fight that broke out involving about 15 guys.
  • 2malsonante despectivo, anticuado

    idiota masculino anticuado malsonante despectivo
    • In 1324 idiots and lunatics had different rights in law, but now these words have lost their more precise meanings and become little more than insults.