Traducción de ignoramus en Español:


ignorante, n.

Pronunciación /ˌɪɡnəˈræməs//ˌɪɡnəˈreɪməs//ˌɪɡnəˈreɪməs/



  • 1

    ignorante masculino
    inculto masculino
    inculta femenino
    analfabeto masculino coloquial
    analfabeta femenino coloquial
    • From this it is but a short step to viewing those who oppose liberal ideas or policies as hidebound traditionalists, bigots, or ignoramuses.
    • ‘I went from an antiques ignoramus into a devotee of ancient ceramic ware,’ Cai said.
    • After all, Americans are self-centered ignoramuses who ‘love to talk about things they know nothing about,’ as Rick Mercer proclaims.
    • They are ignoramuses of the highest order and deserve the treatment that will, sooner or later, come to them.
    • There really is a need for those of us who do know the right things to think to take pity on the ignoramuses who don't and really correct them when they are wrong.
    • Um, that a work of literature is not to be crushed and censored by ignoramuses whose ability to think has not yet passed the horizon of Pavlovian responses to ritually impure words?
    • It is a great thing for intellectuals to discuss politics, but we don't want ignoramuses to discuss politics.
    • Isn't it a shame that we have these key people doing important things who are either incompetent ignoramuses or dumb as posts?
    • Sometimes I am such an ignoramus, such a witless dope.
    • His career brought him in contact with the first men of his time; he preferred the company of rustic ignoramuses.
    • And I'm not making movies for those ignoramuses.
    • What other reason can there possibly be for the number of surly, bad-mannered ignoramuses I stumble across when I'm looking to use, order or buy anything?
    • So in my view abusing them as ‘rednecks’ is grossly offensive, prejudiced and ignorant and those who use such terms just show what ignoramuses they themselves are.
    • The fact that it is too technical for the ignoramuses who run the proportional representation society is hardly a relevant argument.
    • In fact they are little ignoramuses who leave high school believing that their country has made nothing but mistakes, and they never do learn what revisionist history is a revision of.
    • No good teacher approaches his or her students as being ignoramuses just because they don't share the same level of knowledge.
    • And the masses - stupid ignoramuses that we are - fell for it.
    • He is a cretin's cretin, a halfwit, an ignoramus in every respect.
    • Only fools or ignoramuses ever trust the word of government officials or politicians.
    • I'm not exactly a yoga ignoramus - I used to do some out of a book and off vids when I wasn't pregnant some years ago, so I know a lot of the terms but I still felt very out of place.