Traducción de ill en Español:


enfermo, adj.

Pronunciación /ɪl//ɪl/


  • 1

    • 1.1(unwell)

      malo España México coloquial
      she's ill está enferma
      • she's ill with measles tiene sarampión
      • he looked ill tenía mala cara
      • fish makes me ill el pescado me sienta mal
      • the strain is making me ill la tensión me está afectando
      • I felt really ill after eating it me sentí muy mal después de comerlo
      • to be taken ill ponerse enfermo
      • to fall ill enfermar
      • Leaders of our medical organisations should not allow informed consent to interfere with clinical management of infectious disease or seriously ill patients.
      • Around one in ten people who are infected with amoebiasis become ill from the disease.
      • Siti said that volunteers should also understand that terminally ill patients usually suffer from psychological strain due to their illness.
      • A woman terminally ill with motor neurone disease will next week begin a High Court battle to win the right to die, it was announced yesterday.
      • Terminally ill patients slowly become worse as the disease takes over their body until it kills them.
      • Along with morphine, it was prescribed to chronically ill patients suffering everything from asthma to diarrhoea.
      • She had taken ill long ago, only a few years after they had married.
      • On the occasion his mother had taken ill and he was trying to get assistance for her.
      • The major reason for the redesign of services is to ensure the best possible care for critically ill patients as well as those with less serious illness and injuries.
      • Perhaps you are living with someone who is ill with a life-threatening disease.
      • She was very ill and bore her suffering with great dignity.
      • Two other patients are critically ill after contracting the disease through infected organs from the donor.
      • As soon as John had taken ill, she had written to him.
      • Everything's just fine now, he reassured them, except that the design isn't finished and the architect is mysteriously taken ill.
      • One came to the aid of an elderly man taken ill at a bus stop.
      • He said it was reasonable to believe the water had not been contaminated before the period in question because no-one prior to that period had taken ill.
      • Haemophiliacs are ill and are suffering and time is not on our side.
      • Infectious complications in critically ill patients can cause increased morbidity and mortality.
      • There is no requirement that the suffering be physical or that the patient be terminally ill.
      • Some years ago I was called to attend a man I did not know who had taken ill very suddenly.

    • 1.2(nauseous, sick)

      to be ill devolver

  • 2

    ill effects (masculine plural) efectos negativos / adversos
    • his ill health su mala salud
    • ill humor / humour malhumor
    • what ill luck! ¡qué mala suerte!
    • a bird of ill omen un pájaro de mal agüero
    • a house/woman of ill repute una casa/una mujer de mala reputación
    • It was because of her ill judgment.
    • Is their any provision to ban an umpire for his attitude problems and making of ill decisions?


  • 1

    I can ill afford to buy a new car mal puedo yo permitirme comprar un coche nuevo
    • we can ill afford to let such an opportunity slip realmente no podemos dejar pasar semejante oportunidad
  • 2formal

    to speak/think ill of sb hablar/pensar mal de algn
    • it bodes ill for the future es de mal agüero


  • 1

    mal masculino
    the social ills afflicting our country los males sociales que aquejan a nuestro país

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