Traducción de ill-assorted en Español:


heterogéneo, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈˌɪl əˈsɔrdəd///


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    (bunch/collection/crowd) heterogéneo
    (bunch/collection/crowd) variopinto
    • Hutton was thinking about such things as Mrs Cadwallader's sarcasms in Chapter 6 about the ill-assorted marriage.
    • By European standards, the British standing army was tiny; even the small and ill-assorted force which the Young Pretender brought into the heart of the English Midlands in December 1745 plainly stretched the defenders to the limit.
    • And sure enough as the ill-assorted pairs adopt various roles they begin to reveal their inner insecurities.
    • All these ill-assorted people walking toward the giant clock on Churchgate: they are me; they are my body and my flesh.
    • Apart from three framed canvasses, two of which are hung on the walls here, I have nothing more than a few bundles of disorganised and ill-assorted sketches.
    • I saw nothing of the man but his posture of loose-limbed, helpless drunkenness and the ill-assorted covering of filthy clothing that concealed it.
    • The Protestant reformers believed with utter seriousness that husbands and wives could and should help each other to heaven; ill-assorted unions on the other hand were a diurnal occasion of grave sin.
    • But your hostility to science will not serve those aims; and your embracing of an ill-assorted jumble of mutually contradictory alternatives will lose you the respect that I think you deserve.
    • When the dust settled, Del Bosque was left with a strange, ill-assorted, albeit supremely-talented bunch.
    • The fog burned away as the morning drew on, and Bahzell's heart rose as his ill-assorted party moved more briskly than he'd dared hope.
    • The cast consists of ill-assorted schoolboys and workmen, turned gradually into a competent team.
    • Although Lippi's line-up occasionally appeared ill-assorted, the midfield was still infused with ability.
    • Million Dollar Baby almost crazily tries to hold the ill-assorted gritty details together with depressive grandiosity, and I guess in some inchoate way Eastwood is entertaining epic pretensions.
    • It is often the apparently ill-assorted pairs who get on best.
    • This ill-assorted collection of stained and battered books - I have mentioned only a few here - still have strange gleams of magic about them.
    • It is the human factor that is the key to Enigma, the recent Michael Apted film - these Wizards being an even more ill-assorted group of geeks and neurotics than the students of Hogwarts.
    • We're down from one hundred to a mere twenty-one, and a motley, ill-assorted collection they are, too.
    • ‘An ill-assorted gathering we have here,’ he said quietly.
    • As events unfold in characteristic Pinteresque fashion it becomes plain that this ill-assorted male-only family suffers a deeply odd dysfunctionality - but an entirely believable one.
    • The shop is a meeting place for a bunch of ill-assorted political fanatics united only in their effort to arouse some extremism in the over-moderate British.