Traducción de ill-disposed en Español:


Pronunciación /ˈɪl dəˈˌspoʊzd///


  • 1

    to be ill-disposed toward sb estar predispuesto en contra de algn
    • to be ill-disposed to sth
    • she's known to be ill-disposed to any changes se sabe que está poco dispuesta a aceptar cambios
    • I'm ill-disposed to help them me siento poco dispuesto a ayudarlos
    • As the story progresses, his conspicuous use of foreign terms - agapemone, desiderata, virgo intacta, pace, esprit fort - makes us increasingly ill-disposed to tolerate his point of view.
    • He described Thomas Paine as a traitor to his country, a wicked, malicious, seditious and ill-disposed individual, who had actively supported both the American and the French Revolutions.
    • People confident of their economic position would be ill-disposed towards changing the government.
    • To tell the truth, I feel equally ill-disposed towards ‘American Beauty,’ which I haven't, and won't, see.
    • In addition to several reverses, there was the particularly worrying question of Japan, a country ill-disposed to the Allied powers.
    • Ideologues are quick to run to take up defensive positions against perceived ideological attacks by the other side, leaving them ill-disposed to think through rational analyses of the problems posed by aging populations.
    • British journalists seem particularly ill-disposed towards him.
    • This alienated the democrats, who were ill-disposed to trust an army general anyway.
    • They were all ill-disposed toward my argument.
    • The latter three register as defensible, legitimate recordings, no matter how ill-disposed a given listener's attitude might be towards the genre.
    • Brannon, a recent Columbia M.F.A. with a penchant for graphic design, may use paint, but one easily gets the sense that he is ill-disposed to brushwork.
    • The anxieties of a society traditionally ill-disposed to taxation in general and new forms of taxation in particular made the task of the Treasury and the Committee of Ways and Means increasingly harrowing.
    • Companies like Swedish SKF and Kodak, among others, will interpret such a step as an ill-disposed attitude towards foreign investors in general.
    • This season he is part of a Celtic squad which is ill-disposed to losing, regardless of who they are playing and in which competition.
    • But the officers remained angry, unsettled, and ill-disposed toward his message.
    • She felt an uneasy qualm at the thought of her garden-proud neighbour, who was already ill-disposed towards the foxes, discovering caches of putrefying cheese among her spring flowers.
    • Surely this expresses, in part, Guest's anxiety about critics who were ill-disposed toward the beauty, elusive humor, and obliquity of her style.
    • His artistic vision is as brilliant, if not much deeper, than the layer where light bounces off the silver screen, and he is ill-disposed to let facts get in the way of what works dramatically.
    • This almost certainly has something to do with the national mood since September 11, which has been defensive for obvious reasons, and particularly ill-disposed to introspection and self-doubt.