Traducción de ill-gotten en Español:


Pronunciación /ˈɪl ˈˌɡɑtn//ˌɪlˈɡɒt(ə)n/


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    ill-gotten gains dinero mal habido masculino
    • All Australian jurisdictions have comprehensive schemes to strip criminals of all forms of ill-gotten gain.
    • The sector could easily be taken over by criminal elements to launder their ill-gotten gains.
    • The thieves were found in possession of their ill-gotten booty - a 2 baht-weight gold necklace.
    • Police in West Yorkshire are taking on more than 20 financial investigators to make sure that criminals' ill-gotten gains get put back into the community.
    • If they really want to go legit they should voluntarily dump all their ill-gotten data and start from scratch, as a sign of good will.
    • Some investors come with hidden agendas of cleansing their ill-gotten funds and continuity of their criminal activities.
    • They are here today, gone tomorrow, with just enough ill-gotten cash to entice other charlatans into engaging the same schemes.
    • I hope the thieves are happy with their ill-gotten gains.
    • The programme shows how Britain's richest criminals made their ill-gotten gains, laundered it and spent it.
    • It will be recalled, however, that the civil law in England now plays its part in pursuing the fraudulent and their ill-gotten proceeds.
    • Some birds, like scrub jays, are accomplished thieves who know how to stash their ill-gotten food to avoid it being stolen back again.
    • ‘This is unexplained wealth and this is ill-gotten wealth,’ Moreno said.
    • We look forward to seeing the expression of the first big-time criminal as his ill-gotten gains are snatched away from him.
    • Together we melted into the nearby maize field to devour our ill-gotten contraband.
    • There is to be a new law enabling the authorities to impound property that it suspects, but cannot prove, is the ill-gotten gains of crime.
    • They would then go and fence their ill-gotten gains, before returning to the streets to prowl once more.
    • The criminals told police that they spent their ill-gotten gains in local entertainment venues in town.
    • Tamper with property, no matter how ill-gotten, and no investor will have confidence, they claim.
    • Katarik began to rifle through the robbers' treasure and ill-gotten gains.
    • The summit must close the gaping holes that allow terrorists and international criminals to finance violence and launder their ill-gotten profits.