Traducción de ill health en Español:

ill health

problemas de salud, n.


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    problemas de salud masculino
    mala salud femenino
    • Tommy was a carpenter at an early age, but due to ill health was forced to return for some years.
    • Mr Martin said that he understood that the proposal related only to employees retiring on grounds of ill health.
    • I was in hospital due to ill health and then I had three deaths in the family.
    • We were sent letters from the school which said he was retiring due to ill health.
    • His wife, Kath, resigned last August due to ill health after serving the same ward for two years.
    • He started out as a boy and toured the world and ended up retiring to own a magic shop in Blackpool due to ill health.
    • Patients with schizophrenia suffer from increased physical ill health and excess mortality.
    • They say one in five British children now suffers from mental ill health, much of it stress-related.
    • She was dismissed because she exceeded the number of days off which could be taken on the grounds of ill health.
    • Due to her ill health the premises was sold, and the family moved out the road to a house in Castledurrow.
    • I believe that the world community genuinely wants to alleviate the true causes of ill health and disease.
    • I had not been checking the accounts properly which as chairman I should have done, due to ill health.
    • He resigned earlier this year and has so far refused to appear before the tribunal due to ill health.
    • I swam at national level and retired due to injury and severe ill health.
    • Obesity has a colossal impact on physical, mental, and social ill health in many parts of the world.
    • Some historians suggest that the move was largely due to ill health, perhaps caused by over-work.
    • A lot of companies are losing a lot of money due to ill health because health and safety is not properly valued.
    • He had been a Church of England priest for 25 years before retiring due to ill health in November.
    • Infection by pathogenic parasites may be a symptom of ill health, rather than the simple or single cause.
    • If you find that, due to ill health, you are unable to continue working there are limited options open to us.