Traducción de illustrative en Español:


de ilustración, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈɪləˌstreɪdɪv//ɪˈləstrədɪv//ɪˈlʌstrətɪv//ˈɪləstrətɪv/


  • 1

    (material) de ilustración
    • These paintings of the 18th Century portray the richness and exuberance of illustrative art in those times.
    • As my background in art was more technical and illustrative, I had little understanding or awareness of how to express myself through painting and drawing.
    • The whole makes a modern illustrative art of incomparable richness, even though it lacks coherence.
    • We encourage you to submit supporting photos, data tables and illustrative graphics.
    • Fox does as well but she is more centre stage and her actual picture appears in various illustrative photographs on the cover and within the book.
    • Loans of photographs and other illustrative items are being sought to accompany the displays of Silsden's old industries.
    • Present day photographs are excellent too, with most approaching ‘art’ and not just illustrative.
    • Case studies, expert spokespeople and illustrative photographs are available on request.
    • His photographs are an illustrative depiction of the scene specifically shot for particular assignments.
    • I found myself confused by non-Target imagery in 4c, photographic and illustrative.
    • Generously scattered throughout the book are photographs, reproductions of song sheets, maps and other illustrative matter.
  • 2

    (serving to exemplify)
    (example/case) ilustrativo
    this is illustrative of their attitude esto pone de manifiesto / demuestra su actitud
    • This is illustrative of the problem with a missile defense: The threat can come from elsewhere.
    • If the show is unfocused, the individual works will merely be illustrative of a topic, rather than adding up to some sort of statement.
    • The following is illustrative of the comments made by several participants.
    • And the process is illustrative of how organized they are, what kind of things they value, how careful they are.
    • Both examples are illustrative of the problems which arise because organizations, including banks, must of their nature act through human agents.
    • The recent Republican and Democratic party conventions were illustrative of big money's presence in the major parties.
    • The experience of a friend, a professor at a Malaysian university, is illustrative of this climate.
    • This is illustrative of the adverse impact of the anti-globalization demonstrations.
    • And your view of this war is illustrative of who you really are.
    • His concluding paragraph is illustrative of his straightforward and rational approach.
    • This is illustrative of the absence of an integrated multi-modal public transport plan.
    • So it is not illustrative of the general problem.
    • Accordingly, we may ignore these texts and move to others that are regarded as illustrative of Jesus' egalitarian program.
    • Still, it doesn't hurt and it's illustrative of the problem the administration is having with its base.
    • This approach can still be seen in the work of those who use artifactual evidence as primarily illustrative of a prior and textual history.
    • The proposed implementation of Gigabit Ethernet is illustrative of conventional network architecture design.
    • They're seen as too important to ditch - and that's illustrative of the way universities view their students.
    • The exhibition is also illustrative of how computer software could be used to creatively embellish digital photographs.
    • Both are interesting, and illustrative of why I won't live in that state.
    • The quotations presented in the findings section were selected as illustrative of these teenagers' comments on each topic.