Traducción de illustrator en Español:


ilustrador, n.

Pronunciación /ˈɪləstreɪtə//ˈɪləˌstreɪdər/


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    ilustrador masculino
    ilustradora femenino
    • Another fundamental difference is that illustrators create a piece for an assignment.
    • Special seminars aimed at readers, writers and illustrators of kids' books will run throughout the duration of the book exhibition.
    • Since 1991, 33 awards have been presented to the authors and illustrators of outstanding books.
    • He notes that the company will monetize sales by selling images to users and splitting the revenue with the illustrators who created them.
    • With 14 illustrators contributing to the book, one might expect some obvious discontinuity among plates, but that is not the case.
    • More than 200 artists, designers, photographers and illustrators will showcase their designs in the gallery.
    • She graduated in art and design at Falmouth in Cornwall in 1991 and was soon in demand as a wildlife illustrator for magazines and books.
    • Most of my pals are either comic book artists or illustrators.
    • All I'll be doing is talking about my book, Mad Art, which chronicles the splendid illustrators for Mad Magazine.
    • After the war he returned to easel painting and was also active as a book and magazine illustrator and as a designer of mosaics and stained glass.
    • Quite a few of the artists at the top today began their careers as illustrators for books, magazines and museums and their attention to detail is evident.
    • Gouse began his career as a pen-and-ink artist and an illustrator of books.
    • Of all the problems faced by painters, illustrators and still photographers, one of the most difficult is conveying the sense of movement and motion.
    • For this reason, illustrators must finish their pictures by deadlines, while painters rarely have to do this.
    • In a carnival atmosphere, leading artists, architects, illustrators, cartoonists, dancers and unicyclists will join forces in a drive to get the nation drawing.
    • Fine artists were at the top, while comic book illustrators were at the bottom.
    • Since then, this award has paid tribute to the best of the best African-American authors and illustrators of books for children and young adults.
    • The Hans Christian Andersen Awards are the highest international recognition given to the writers and illustrators of children's books.
    • Other artists who contributed their talents were a trio of children's book illustrators.
    • As a printmaker and book illustrator, his clear and imaginative compositions contributed to the popularity of emblem books.