Traducción de image intensifier en Español:

image intensifier

intensificador de imagen, n.


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    intensificador de imagen masculino
    • As an option the periscope can be upgraded with an image intensifier or other plug-in modules.
    • On the other hand, an image intensifier or electron-multiplying CCD would not assist in overcoming shot noise but only in overcoming readout noise, which we did not consider in our noise estimates.
    • There is also an interface for an image intensifier or thermal imaging sight, allowing the unit to be used in virtually any conditions, day or night.
    • This color vision is critical to the soldier's ability to read maps and use such devices as image intensifiers.
    • Imaging with a mobile image intensifier, therefore, has been identified as the optimal radiographic technique for finding retained surgical needles in patients.
    • Deep-well detectors require an image intensifier to produce a sufficient number of photons to provide ample signal-to-noise.
    • Placement of the needle into the joint can be confirmed with the image intensifier, or may be directly visualized from the arthroscope in the anterolateral portal.
    • After sunset we affixed image intensifiers with 80-200 mm zoom camera lenses to the video cameras.
    • An image intensifier, which is often bonded fiber-optically to the photosensitive CCD of the system, amplifies incident photons and allows detection of low-light signals.
    • The setup is similar to that used for fixation of hip fractures, including a fracture distraction table with a well-padded perineal post and an image intensifier.
    • In a traditional x-ray detector, known as an image intensifier, x rays produce electrons, which, after being accelerated and focused by an electric field, strike a phosphor screen.
    • The resolution of particle position in our measurements was limited by noise from the image intensifier and fluctuations in background fluorescence.
    • It is equipped with a range of modular day and night observation equipment, based on image intensifiers or infrared technology.
    • Charge-coupled devices also made in Chelmsford were used in image intensifiers - to register crystal clear pictures from the delicately built all-British lander.
    • The lightweight sight and display includes advanced visor projection with image intensifiers and forward looking infrared.
    • Passive image intensifiers and thermal imaging equipment for night driving, navigation and weapon deployment permit round-the-clock combat operations.
    • Light emitted from the LEDs can be seen by any image intensifier.
    • These are the image intensifier, operating microscope, arthroscopy, laser, radio frequency, power equipment, and computer-assisted surgery.
    • The patient can usually be positioned supine under the image intensifier, making the approach more comfortable for patient and operator.
    • A long, thin guide wire with a smooth rounded tip is first inserted and then guided, under X-ray control using a fluorescent screen or a TV image intensifier, into the vessel to be examined.