Traducción de immature en Español:


joven, adj.

Pronunciación /ˌɪməˈtjɔː//ˌɪməˈtʃʊr//ˌɪməˈtʊr//ˌɪməˈtjʊə/


  • 1

    (not fully developed)
    (tree/animal) joven
    (fruit) verde
    (fruit) inmaduro
    an immature science una ciencia en ciernes
    • They hunt for food at night, live alone and are sometimes found in small groups of adults with immature offspring.
    • Drugs that are effective against the immature and early immature stages should be used at this time of the year.
    • Our results suggest that immature birds try to increase fat stores by increasing time available for foraging at stopover sites.
    • Seeds were harvested at 40 days after flowering and immature seeds were removed.
    • In that eggplant does not experience a marked ripening stage like tomato and pepper, immature and mature fruit were compared.
    • Sexually immature and drab colored juveniles represent the first phase.
    • I ate my first immature pea pod of the year, straight off the plant.
    • Because this is kind of what an immature Bald Eagle would look like if you're looking at one.
    • The olives, having done pretty well last year, have shed all their immature fruit.
    • The fruit looks like immature plums, and each variety has its own harvesting schedule.
    • Safety considerations are more important in children because children are physically and emotionally immature.
    • For example, experiments conducted with tomato indicate that immature fruits do not ripen in response to exogenous ethylene.
    • Among immature males, those obtained from the wild also clustered together.
    • My only explanation if there wasn't a mix-up is that immature birds have much shorter beaks than their parents.
    • I discovered three of them eating the immature fruits in the tree's spreading crown.
    • The mottled brown raptors I saw on the sixth are indeed immature Brahminy Kites.
    • Some of the solo voices are a bit immature but the choral singing does immense credit to the conductor and his young team.
    • The ovule is an immature seed, which does not yet contain a viable embryo.
    • The reticulocyte count measures the number of immature red blood cells being produced.
    • They are either feasting on escapes of immature farmed fish or on the uneaten feed pellets that accumulate in the water below the cages.
  • 2

    (attitude/person) inmaduro
    • I think that maybe you might be more mature than the boys you know and you just don't like immature guys.
    • The boys you know seem particularly immature for treating you like you're inferior.
    • To do otherwise would be as childish and immature as my behaviour in the first place.
    • Some lecturers say the students are immature, unsophisticated and do not know what they want in class.
    • I could hear people calling me immature but I never cared.
    • If you think finance dictates social dynamics then you are immature and naive.
    • But, my evaluation of her was that she was rather immature and seeking attention.
    • Pardon me for saying this, but people who talk like that strike me as horribly immature.
    • He's still a bit immature, but also just 20 years old.
    • When I read back over this opinion I realise how immature I was then.
    • We had been reassured by professionals he was just immature, so we expected him to gain employment and become independent.
    • He is annoying and a bit immature for his age, but that's okay.
    • All the guys were immature or just plain weird.
    • Thirdly, there is no need to engage in childish name calling or immature ranting.
    • Going out with someone is a big deal and I find that a bit immature.
    • I think this woman sounds extremely naive, immature and unintelligent on the matter.
    • No matter how mature or immature I was at any given point, it would not have shaken that belief.
    • She had her immature, childish moments, but there were times when she acted twice her age.
    • Callie knew she was acting a little immature, but she didn't care.
    • Then again I did ask for it I called someone an emotionally immature moron.