Traducción de immediacy en Español:


inmediatez, n.

Pronunciación /ɪˈmidiəsi//ɪˈmiːdɪəsi/


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    inmediatez femenino
    • This means immediacy in the tone, even when the subject calls for some mediation.
    • It's that sense of immediacy and instant gratification that is part of the allure.
    • There is a quality of immediacy and reality in what writing is taken to be.
    • For such a period movie the film is alive with a sense of immediacy that is rarely seen in modern cinema.
    • However, in filmmaking, honesty and immediacy are not virtues but strategies.
    • Video art brought with it the temporal immediacy of the camera and the possibility of live transmission.
    • Many people have been killed, but when television gets involved like this it seems to hit us with more immediacy.
    • Direct comment regarding the passage of time allows immediacy to be tempered with distance.
    • That element, and a sense of immediacy, is absent in a lot of the material produced in the last 20 years.
    • The new songs bristle with an excitement and immediacy that demand attention.
    • Her genius was to give a sense of immediacy to visions constructed slowly as works of art.
    • The result has a visceral, involving immediacy rare in Hollywood product.
    • The vocabulary of these pioneers was based on a primitivising language of simplicity and immediacy.
    • For the first time the vivid immediacy of such acts was brought into the homes of millions.
    • And then there is the digital camera, with its immediacy, its clear and beautiful treatment of light.
    • That immediacy works well, leading to differing reactions at key points from the teenagers and parents in the audience.
    • And by serving with a squeeze of lime juice and a minted cucumber salad, you add immediacy and freshness.
    • It is these qualities, however, which lend their old folk material a crucial sense of immediacy and excitement.
    • The immediacy and connectivity can expose great wrong; in just the same way, it can do great wrong.
    • These bizarre stunts are entertaining and the handheld camera in dogged pursuit offers a sense of immediacy.
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    lo apremiante
    lo urgente