Traducción de immense en Español:


inmenso, adj.

Pronunciación /ɪˈmɛns//ɪˈmɛns/


  • 1

    (difference/object/problem) inmenso
    (problem/difference/object) enorme
    (person) enorme
    these trees grow to an immense height estos árboles crecen hasta alcanzar una altura descomunal
    • I had the immense good fortune of seeing him tuve la inmensa / enorme fortuna de verlo
    • this could do immense damage to our cause esto podría hacer un daño incalculable a nuestra causa
    • They've managed to capture an immense sound, which is quite a feat for a three-piece.
    • I think the first lesson I would learn out of that is that the inertia involved in that is immense.
    • He added that it had been an experience and an immense honour to serve on the council.
    • Those trade union leaders should be calling action like Thursday's on an immense scale.
    • No matter how carefully guided these weapons may be, the loss of civilian life will be immense.
    • And, of course, it kept catching the wind so it was like trying to move an immense kite!
    • He also appears to have immense powers but will not use them when they are most required.
    • He has immense mood swings, and has to be constantly reminded how good he is.
    • All I see is a flash of blue scales, then an immense, burning pain on my right cheek.
    • He certainly used it in the sense of destiny that is carved out by immense human efforts.
    • I was told the hard disk was so immense that I would never need to buy another computer ever again.
    • So what we must now do is begin the immense task with a few practical steps.
    • To her immense credit Jenni did a courageous job of keeping us informed but there was only so much she could do.
    • The change is small, just one word, but the implied change in attitude and status is immense.
    • Coupled with his immense physical and athletic gifts, it made him nearly unstoppable.
    • The past year has filled me with immense pride in Aberdeen and the commitment shown by staff at all levels.
    • But they are right and bold to do so, when the prize of its achievement is so immense.
    • It's cold and dark here in my little rowing boat and the waters are murky and beset with immense danger.
    • He still has immense energy to drive the group and he still gets up in the morning with the determination to win.
    • His learning was as vast as was his obstinacy immense in the matter of accepting change.