Traducción de immortality en Español:


inmortalidad, n.

Pronunciación /ɪmɔːˈtalɪti//ˌɪ(m)ˌmɔrˈtælədi/


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    inmortalidad femenino
    • The leaden poems have won him immortality as the world's worst poet and now he is to be cast in bronze.
    • The villain achieves a kind of immortality by using a device called the Lazarus Pit to rejuvenate his aged body.
    • A less driven woman might have been content with such generous helpings of immortality, but she was not that placid woman.
    • Later, in a remarkable and rare testament to sporting immortality, he gave his name to an entire housing development.
    • No one can write a book aspiring to immortality, for it would then court both ridicule and certain mortality.