Traducción de immunity en Español:


inmunidad, n.

Pronunciación /ɪˈmjunədi//ɪˈmjuːnɪti/


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    inmunidad femenino
    • They also may have lower immunity to infection than older family members, plus increased viral shedding and longer duration of illness.
    • A weak reaction suggests you have developed some immunity to the disease.
    • Many vaccines require several separate doses before your child develops immunity to a disease.
    • Your doctor can test you for immunity to this viral disease before pregnancy and vaccinate you against it if you aren't immune.
    • However most pregnant women with parvovirus infection have normal, healthy babies and most pregnant women are not at risk for parvovirus infection because of immunity.
    • Blood tests are also used to find out if you have immunity to certain diseases.
    • Some researchers argue that non-type specific immunity deserves consideration today because the epidemiological circumstances may differ from those in the past.
    • Without vaccination, it can take days or weeks to acquire immunity to a particular disease.
    • With the development of a protective immune response and serological evidence of immunity, infection becomes latent and usually remains so for the life of the patient.
    • Once past the initial illness, most people develop lifelong immunity to future infection.
    • Half the world has absolutely no immunity to the disease, and we travel much more easily from place to place now than we did then.
    • It is illogical that a protective vaccine or a modulator of immunity to cancer would follow the same pathway for registration as a drug for treating constipation, sepsis, or dermatitis.
    • An immune response is brought about by two components of the immune system, namely the innate immunity and the acquired or specific immunity, acting in conjunction with each other and with other molecules.
    • Experiencing tetanus does not itself produce immunity to a second infection.
    • There are good reasons to believe a vaccine is possible, for the simple reason that we do observe that people can develop immunity to malaria.
    • Ministry officials point out that there is high natural immunity to the disease.
    • Head lice are difficult to remove because of their size, reinfestation rate, life cycle, and their ability to develop immunity to insecticides.
    • At birth, infants have immunity to certain diseases because antibodies have passed through the placenta from the mother to the unborn child.
    • Most research has looked at the effect of these supplements on immunity and infectious disease, with conflicting results.
    • Women who develop immunity to the infection before pregnancy are not in danger of transmitting it to their babies.
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    he was offered immunity from prosecution provided that he cooperated le ofrecieron no seguirle proceso si cooperaba