Traducción de impact en Español:


impacto, n.

Pronunciación /ˈɪmpakt//ˈɪmˌpækt/


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    (in collision)
    impacto masculino
    it exploded on impact estalló al hacer impacto
    • The features that look like craters have the wrong proportions to be impact craters.
    • It is believed he died from multiple injuries caused by the impact of the collisions.
    • To reduce the likelihood of whiplash injuries during rear impacts, a new front seat design has been adopted.
    • The very sound of the word triggers associations with rubber bumpers or lips, objects that create contact, absorb impact.
    • All these measures, enforced by law or adopted by choice, reduce the risk of serious injury from crash impact.
    • Pollen indicates that this formation is Tertiary, coming shortly after the meteor impact at the end of the Cretaceous.
    • His passenger suffered fatal injuries in the impact.
    • The car comes as standard with a driver's and front passenger's airbag as well as side curtain airbags to prevent injury in side impacts.
    • Triton's surface has relatively few impact craters, suggesting that it is young.
    • With residue, the raindrop impact is absorbed and erosion is reduced.
    • She said the impact of the smash knocked the door off its hinges.
    • If a meteor impact causes a nuclear winter, then the ability to lie dormant would have improved your chances.
    • A fellow council worker, who had just got out of the vehicle and was standing close at the time of the impact, suffered serious injuries.
    • This technique allows the sole of the club to contact the grass at impact and slide easily under the ball.
    • But the extra pounds around his waist took some of the impact from the blow and prevented more serious injury.
    • The rear safety tests measure how well a seat/head restraint protects a passenger against neck injury in rear impacts at low to moderate speeds.
    • No helmet could have prevented the head injuries received in an impact of this speed, not even an airbag.
    • Basically, due to the internal injuries from the impact, bile had contaminated the entire body cavity, making it smell foul.
    • No leg muscle escapes the wrath of the roller blade and, as inline skating is a low impact exercise, it has the benefit of being easy on the joints.
    • I actually saw three people walk into display stands - not just brushing impacts, but full-on whacks.
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    impacto masculino
    what will the environmental impact of these measures be? ¿qué impacto tendrán estas medidas sobre el medio ambiente?
    • the movie had a major impact on public opinion la película impactó a / tuvo un gran impacto sobre la opinión pública
    • this will have little impact on the budget deficit esto hará muy poca mella en el déficit presupuestario
    • The introduction of these foreign organisms can have a devastating impact on marine environments.
    • She made an immediate impact on the Quaker community.
    • The study demonstrated that pharmacists can have a significant positive impact on drug therapy outcomes in a selected disease state.
    • European-style regulations of information collection would have a tremendous negative economic impact.
    • Work with your doctor to lessen their impact on your life.
    • Firstly, let me reassure you, I've read your victim impact statements.
    • We must continually evaluate the impact of each change on the product as a whole.
    • Evidence and intuition suggest that this sort of farming has a devastating impact on the environment.
    • Early detection, treatment and intervention are essential to minimize the long-term negative impact of maternal depression.
    • So the potential environmental impact is markedly reduced by that.
    • The screening opinion had contemplated that a traffic impact assessment would be carried out.
    • Each of these planks has an enormous negative environmental impact and, at best, mixed economic impacts.
    • Two weeks before the draft, almost everyone looks like a potential impact player.
    • "I feel like I've had an impact off the bench, " he says.
    • The adverse effect immediately made an impact on the company's financial performance.
    • The findings of a health impact assessment are often limited by financial and time costs.
    • The immediate impact of his intervention was to sidetrack preventative campaigns.
    • All these influences have had an impact on me becoming who and what I am today.
    • Moreover, advances in medicine and medical technology have had a marked impact on the process of dying.
    • We'll examine its impact on the economy when we come back.

verbo transitivo

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    chocar contra

verbo intransitivo

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    hacer impacto
    to impact against / on sth chocar contra/ hacer impacto con algo
    • The biggest concern is for low-lying areas on the southeast of the island that will be impacted, we understand, by dawn tomorrow.
    • He saw a suddenly flash, and he was almost knocked off his feet as a weapon impacted the outer shields of the transport.
    • The tropical storm force winds are likely to be impacting the southeast Florida coast by then, and the hurricane force winds will likely reach the coast by tomorrow night.
    • This eruption may cause auroral displays and magnetic storm activity when it impacts the Earth's magnetic field sometime Friday.
    • It impacted a tank just seconds before a near miss knocked the right track from their Bradley.
    • Bullets impacted the floor around me as I pulled the trigger and fired back.
    • Trying to save his crew and himself he guided the Liberator as it crashed through trees and impacted the ground on an almost even keel.
    • We had earlier thought Cuba might be impacted by Sunday, but now it looks like the storm is really going to slow down.
    • Bullets whistle by from right to left and even bullets impacting the dirt sound real.
    • This is not to say that the effect of a charging horse impacting a foot soldier was inconsequential, or even incidental.
    • He knew that if even one missile impacted a ship, it would cause serious damage and destruction.
    • Depending on the orientation of the magnetic field carried by the CME cloud, it may cause a magnetic storm when it impacts the Earth's own magnetic field.
    • We scrambled in opposite directions just as the foot came straight down impacting the earth below.
    • Quite what a flying jellyfish looks like as it impacts the faceplate of your snorkel mask is still a mystery to me, but they seemed to be enjoying it.
    • To punctuate that thought, she let rip with a six-round burst, the rounds impacting the windshield.
    • I nearly winced as my fist collided with a heavy hand, blocking it from impacting his face.
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    to impact on sth tener un impacto sobre algo
    • As groups, they were expected to retain strong cultural links that impacted on family structures and child raising patterns.
    • ‘It has impacted on a number of businesses,’ he said.
    • Systems that directly impact our ability to accomplish our mission should be the first on our list.
    • Turning to helicopters, he said a number of factors impacted negatively on the air force's operational readiness.
    • The privatisation of politics has also impacted on political elites.
    • Name one sport, one hobby or one past-time that hasn't been impacted on by the times we live in.
    • The bottom line is that the Government dividends impact directly on programme quality.
    • It has impacted on local businesses within the area and upon our personal and family lives.
    • To trust someone involves taking a risk, as you are letting someone else impact what happens to you.
    • Osteoporosis and fractures resulting from it can significantly impact on the quality of life of organ transplant recipients.
    • Several factors inherent to contemporary economics also impact adversely on the prospects for teaching Marxism.
    • Wouldn't it adversely impact our ability to function in the world?
    • In the chapter on children there is a description of their games on the street and discussion on how the family's problems impacted on the children.
    • How has that impacted on your thinking in all of this?
    • Weather conditions might also impact negatively on voter turnout.
    • I think everybody realises that when you have development some areas obviously will be impacted on and nobody can deny that.
    • He blamed the slow increase in rural incomes as the major factor impacting adversely on the expansion of domestic demand.
    • No other media seemed to realize that Bermuda was impacted on a very large scale.
    • There are a couple of significant factors impacting our rural economy today.
    • Women are often disregarded in decision-making and camp management, even when the decisions directly impact their daily lives.