Traducción de impacted en Español:


impactado, adj.

Pronunciación /ɪmˈpaktɪd//ɪmˈpæktəd/


  • 1

    (tooth) impactado
    • Some banks provide information about ‘dentition’ of donors, with reports of impacted teeth or the donor's need for braces as a child.
    • People who have impacted wisdom teeth that are not causing problems do not need to have them removed.
    • Our jaws are a little small to accept wisdom teeth that are often impacted and may need pulling.
    • In the past, removal of impacted wisdom teeth has been recommended even if the patient has not been experiencing problems.
    • An impacted tooth is at higher risk of cavities because they are often difficult to clean properly.
    • Rose has been suffering with four impacted wisdom teeth, but ‘they're not as painful as the price’ of having them removed.
    • Wisdom teeth usually become impacted because the jaw isn't large enough to accommodate all the teeth that are growing in and the mouth becomes overcrowded.
    • There are different types of impacted wisdom teeth, depending on the way the tooth has grown through.
    • An impacted tooth must be removed as soon as the first symptoms are diagnosed rather than wait till it causes decay in the next tooth.
    • Later, her mom told me that she had an impacted wisdom tooth which was just starting to act up, and which I had helped to make go away.
    • Neuralgic pain - caused by impacted wisdom teeth - has sapped my enthusiasm for just about everything except sleep and procrastination for the past few days.
    • Wisdom teeth become a problem when they don't rise above the gum line, but remain impacted in the jaw, causing inflammation.
    • The criteria also exposed children with certain types of impacted teeth to the possibility of receiving less than ideal treatment.