Traducción de impair en Español:


afectar, v.

Pronunciación /ɪmˈpɛr//ɪmˈpɛː/

verbo transitivo

  • 1

    (hearing/sight/memory) afectar
    (memory/sight/hearing) dañar
    (health) afectar
    (health) perjudicar
    (efficiency) afectar
    (efficiency) reducir
    (beauty/happiness) empañar
    impaired vision/hearing problemas de vista/audición masculino
    • His hair was plastered to his head and falling over his eyes, impairing his vision further.
    • Free radicals are thought responsible for making cholesterol harmful to arteries and the heart and for impairing memory and movement with age.
    • Retinal blood vessels can break down, leak, or become blocked, affecting and impairing vision over time.
    • Beaming the laser on small areas of your skin basically destroys the hair follicle and impairs its growth.
    • Dehydration can impair the function of vital organs like the kidneys, brain, and heart.
    • There has long been speculation that excessive accumulation of starch may impair chloroplast function.
    • The specific kinds of defect that I have traced to addiction are best understood as impairing our powers of reflective self-control, without depriving us of those powers altogether.
    • Miners object to these devices because they are heavy to wear, block vision on the sides, get covered with dirt and grease, and scratch easily, drastically impairing vision.
    • Cataracts are cloudy spots on the lenses of the eyes that impair vision.
    • Certain chemotherapy drugs can damage the pancreas and impair its ability to make insulin.
    • Scientists know from animal studies that damage to the amygdala impairs social functioning.
    • Chronic inflammation can result in irreversible scarring of lung tissue, which impairs lung function.
    • High levels of the stress hormone cortisol appears to impair memory.
    • Driving in an intoxicated state makes a person prone to accidents as alcohol impairs judgement and slows reflexes.
    • Taking too much daily zinc could also be a problem because, although it is not toxic, high doses can impair copper absorption.
    • A British study found that chronic jet lag causes the brain to shrink, impairing memory.
    • It is true that tests on laboratory animals at very high doses suggest that these chemicals disrupt the nervous and immune systems, as well as impairing development and possibly affecting fertility.
    • It's your choice if you want to apply enough purple mascara to impair your vision.
    • Streaking and smearing impair vision and are caused by worn windshield wiper blades.