Traducción de impale en Español:


Pronunciación /ɪmˈpeɪl//ɪmˈpeɪl/

verbo transitivo

  • 1

    to impale sth/sb on sth atravesar algo/a algn con algo
    • she fell and was impaled on the railings cayó y la reja le atravesó el cuerpo
    • to impale sb on a stake empalar a algn
    • So the government is impaled on the horns of a dilemma.
    • Perhaps it's all for the best that I be impaled on his hood ornament.
    • The chicken was impaled on a stick which was secured upright in the ground and the can was placed over it.
    • Bow hunters have fallen on their bow or arrows, impaling themselves, and other hunters have fallen on their firearm or dropped it, resulting in an accidental shooting when the gun discharged.
    • She quickly punched the first one and jumped to the side as one tried to impale her with a spear.
    • At one end of the grotto, an elf is impaled on a spike.
    • The tough waxy leaf cuticle may be problematic for impaling the epidermal cells of some plants, but this difficulty can be overcome by optimizing the shape of the electrode tip.
    • Prey is not chewed or ground in the mouth: once it is impaled on the sharp teeth, it is swallowed whole.
    • A pensioner who survived being impaled on a metal fence-post was ‘critical but stable’ in hospital yesterday.
    • To stop transects from moving they were lightly impaled on a thin spike attached to the bottom of the dish.
    • I'm going to be impaled on a million poisonous needles and die a slow, agonizing death.
    • I took the apple from my coat pocket and impaled it on a dead branch.
    • Aside from the spuds that were impaled on my spade after almost every thrust into the earth, these are on the menu for tonight along with roast butternut squash.
    • Although imbibing nothing stronger than orange juice, he later tripped and was almost impaled on a halberd.
    • It was then that I caught sight of a series of strange metal bars impaled within the side of the walls near the entrance of the corridor.
    • Why is it when someone in a horror film is impaled on something sharp, like a fence post, they always feel the need to look up momentarily, catching one final glance at the object that has killed them?
    • Looking out from its burrow as the selected fish swims past, its claws lunge forward and, striking in as little as 3 milliseconds, trap the prey by impaling it.
    • Stick your head through and hey presto, it looks to have been impaled on a pikestaff above York's royal gateway.
    • You plummet to the bottom screaming and are impaled on the spikes.
    • A Yorkshire schoolboy cheated death after he was impaled on an iron spike that went straight through his throat.