Traducción de impeccable en Español:


impecable, adj.

Pronunciación /ɪmˈpɛkəb(ə)l//ɪmˈpɛkəb(ə)l/


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    his French was impeccable hablaba un francés impecable
    • By winning 21 titles on the PGA Tour, he has set his own impeccable standards.
    • His precise Irish pedigree is not clear, but his self-made man credentials are impeccable.
    • The beauty of the designs is heightened through the intricate, untarnished and impeccable finish.
    • Her writing and pedaling credentials are impeccable, and her accumulated mileage impressive.
    • He did what he always does to his usual impeccable standards.
    • I have impeccable taste in music, and everything that I like is cool.
    • His accent was stronger than his daughter's, but his clarity just as impeccable.
    • As you would expect, with such a large field to choose from, the technical standard is impeccable.
    • The line, a showstopper by any standard, was reinforced with impeccable finish and an eye for detail.
    • She sings with a conversational freedom and impeccable, colloquial diction.
    • They were in absolutely impeccable form that night.
    • I have chosen it because of the impeccable reputation of the journalists concerned.
    • They are graduates of the best universities and are highly intelligent with impressive degrees and speak impeccable English.
    • Such cases are the black sheep to an otherwise impeccable theory.
    • His playing is technically impeccable and bears a distinct stamp of his own charismatic style.
    • No, we'll be putting such things as impeccable taste aside for now.
    • They epitomise the simple but impeccable standards of the band.
    • Many people say that he was someone of impeccable integrity.
    • With impeccable timing and grace, we were then led through to our table.
    • But it's a minor blip on an otherwise impeccable soundscape.