Traducción de impenetrable en Español:


impenetrable, adj.

Pronunciación /ɪmˈpɛnətrəb(ə)l//ɪmˈpɛnɪtrəb(ə)l/


  • 1

    (defenses/jungle/darkness) impenetrable
    • It is no longer an impenetrable island wilderness.
    • Perhaps they had gotten caught up in an impenetrable area of the forest and had to find a way around instead of simply going through.
    • But I suppose it was too much to expect for him to have a black, twirly moustache and for her to cackle mysteriously from beneath an impenetrable black shroud.
    • The country night was one of an almost impenetrable darkness, accentuated by the occasional faint pinprick of light.
    • Unfortunately, anything that involves more than a simple sense is more complicated and the barriers are often impenetrable.
    • To my horror though, I did not catch myself upon hitting the wall, but proceeded to pass through it into impenetrable darkness.
    • The island is full of impenetrable virgin forest ill-suited to bikes, leaving the last leg to be completed on foot.
    • The spiky reed makes areas impenetrable, both for hunting and for cattle grazing.
    • I just knew that one day the battalion of trees would overtake this weak stretch of highway and obscure its existence with an impenetrable density.
    • A youngster whose height and strength makes him an almost impenetrable barrier, he was an inspiring character.
    • In front of him was an impenetrable wall that he could not see his way around.
    • Growing an impenetrable thicket is an alternative option that could blend in with the view beyond the boundary.
    • But the circle of outraged nobles had made an almost impenetrable wall surrounding the king and the prince.
    • One million men and 1,500 tanks crossed the seemingly impenetrable forests in the Ardennes.
    • Unfortunately, her last escapade with William had taught her that bathrooms were virtually impenetrable fortresses.
    • So the Romans decided it was not the primitive barbarians known as the Caledonii who had defeated them, but the vast impenetrable forest covering the country now known as Scotland.
    • Indeed, paddling up the creek is the best way to get into the dense surrounding forest, which is otherwise nearly impenetrable.
    • When present, it often forms dense, impenetrable thickets.
    • In this way the seemingly impenetrable barriers that separated the two groups began to fall away.
    • But for most parents the school classroom is a place as mysterious and impenetrable as their teenager's bedroom.
  • 2

    (expression) enigmático
    (expression) inescrutable
    • The first three chapters of the book are hard going and, at times, impenetrable and needlessly obscure.
    • For non-Londoners it must be an impenetrable puzzle.
    • Thus, the initiated are separated by high fences and impenetrable jargon from the ordinary folk.
    • The impenetrable jargon of much postmodern writings is an issue as well.
    • The creation of life in general and of the human person in particular is a thing we can know a little about, but also a thing which is shrouded in impenetrable mystery.
    • But as a technology columnist, I'm in the business of coming up with confusing and impenetrable reactions to events around me.
    • Truth be told, our music is a smoky, impenetrable fortress.
    • When you know someone really well you develop routines which are impenetrable to outsiders.
    • I found some of the interviews in this book fascinating, others I found impenetrable; but my general feeling was that book didn't deliver.
    • He might just be the model academic in that he elucidates the otherwise impenetrable idiolect of abstruse theory by using the vernacular of Pop cult allusion, and he makes it seems as if the two were made for one another.
    • They forget, if they ever knew, that Shakespeare can seem impenetrable.
    • The poet seems to be experiencing a kind of existential crisis in a hostile, opaque, impenetrable and uninhabitable world.
    • The mystery is not impenetrable to intellect or unintelligible in itself; rather, it is not fully intelligible to us.
    • The wording of the document is really very easy to understand; it is not written in the usual impenetrable verbiage of the Treaties.
    • I have to say I found the plot impenetrable.
    • Implacable, impenetrable, it may take five viewings to understand this movie, but it's time well spent.
    • Music industry insiders tend to litter their conversation with talk of turnover, market share and the impenetrable jargon of contract negotiations.
    • Ask a financial market dealer or analyst, and a spray of impenetrable jargon appears.
    • It misfires because almost every page of it is weighed down by nearly impenetrable academic jargon.
    • Lots of fields have their own jargon that is impenetrable to outsiders.
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    (language/subject) incomprensible
    (subject/language) impenetrable
    (language/subject) abstruso
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