Traducción de implicate en Español:


implicar, v.

Pronunciación /ˈɪmpləˌkeɪt//ˈɪmplɪkeɪt/

verbo transitivo

  • 1

    they are implicated in the murder están implicados / involucrados en el asesinato
    • It would not, your Honour, but also, though, in the end, it would not necessarily implicate him in murder either.
    • I know it to be true because my own father was indirectly implicated.
    • It transpired that one of the girls she sought to implicate was out of town on a sports trip when the ‘exchange’ took place.
    • They took a very one-sided and heavy handed approach towards implicating you in a large amount of crimes.
    • They've been doing everything they can since my release to somehow implicate me with this crime, which is very unethical, but they do it anyways.
    • He is apologising to a childhood friend for implicating him in a burglary 20 years ago.
    • That would have included evidence implicating him in murder, would it?
    • It took some years for her finally to break her contacts with her pimp as he and others tried to implicate her in the murders she had witnessed.
    • She again denied allegations implicating her in the scam.
    • Otherwise, we will never get any solution to the problem, because too many people in the legal system and in the law enforcement offices are either directly or indirectly implicated.
    • The results implicate the area's wild foods, said one expert.
    • She had always felt that, by refusing to implicate him in the crime of adultery, she was saving him from the ruin that she faced every day.
    • Yesterday, he also laid out an intricate plot to implicate him in his former wife's murder, stopping short of calling it political interference.
    • However, the accused said he had been falsely implicated in the case.
    • The report also implicated the gene in diabetes in an isolated population of people from Finland.
    • Yes, contrary to popular belief, often testing is used to exonerate or exculpate possible suspects rather than implicate.
    • He never discussed actions, which would implicate him in a crime.
    • I was able to show that several had been ‘doctored’ after Mary's forced abdication to justify what her enemies had done to her, implicating her in crimes she didn't commit.
    • Then if I am ever implicated in a crime that I didn't commit, I can prove my exact whereabouts beyond any reasonable doubt.
    • Such explicitly parodic celebrities implicate themselves in the culture industry's deception.