Traducción de implication en Español:


consecuencia, n.

Pronunciación /ˌɪmpləˈkeɪʃ(ə)n//ɪmplɪˈkeɪʃ(ə)n/


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    • 1.1(consequence, significance)

      consecuencia femenino
      repercusión femenino
      implicación femenino
      implicancia femenino América Latina
      to have/carry implications for sth/sb tener/traer consecuencias para algo/algn
      • His insightful analysis will help military officers fully understand the moral implications of their actions.
      • Are you interested in the political implications of weblogs and social software?
      • Well, he might get away with it as long as people don't understand the security implications for Australia.
      • Although these assertions have long been recognized as problematic, their broad implications have not been fully examined.
      • If this decline is not now arrested, it will have enormous negative implications for our economy and society.
      • Finally, we discuss the practical implications of our findings for Cerulean Warbler conservation.
      • Hence, it is essential that they understand the serious physical implications caused by their addiction.
      • Finally, suggestions for future research and clinical implications are discussed.
      • The serious public health implication is that impaired crews may be unable to operate trains safely.
      • In 1995 the UK Department of Health considered the health implications of alcohol consumption.
      • Similarly, any requirement for regular external peer review would have serious practical implications.
      • The film is ambitious, with far-reaching political implications.
      • Forget for a moment the political or even economic implications of the shifts in population.
      • Privatization, in both developed and developing countries, is producing mixed results whose long-term implications are not yet clear.
      • To leave that as an observation without examining its far-reaching implications seems remiss amidst any sociological exploration.
      • The implications of the results for comparative trait mapping in junction regions are discussed.
      • Much more work is needed to explore the implications of the new findings for human health and disease.
      • While the answer to this clinical question has profound ethical implications, the disagreement remains on clinical and technical grounds.
      • Both articles carried broad political implications, given the subjects' high-level government ties.
      • Failure to understand the role of money can have profound political implications.

    • 1.2(meaning)

      insinuación femenino
      by implication, he's blaming us indirectamente / implícitamente nos está acusando
      • The most troubling implication of this story is that it appears to be untypical.
      • Constable Murray's implication is clear, but how many more were shot?
      • Someone certainly wanted that implication to be made.
      • Yes, I am sorry, I did not want to make that implication.
      • But the water industry said the product's implication was that tap is impure, which was not the case.
      • There was some implication that he did go in and out, possibly on assumed names and false passports.
      • There's no implication that ignorance disqualifies anyone from having an opinion.
      • Any implication that I am engaged in diversionary activity will be hotly denied.
      • It is not a very healthy implication for a partnership, and no wonder things go wrong afterwards.
      • I don't disagree that economists said this, but his implication is that they were wrong.
      • While the incident occurred on a Boeing 737 in flight, there's no implication that safety was breached.
      • Adding that 'it has been getting better as we've gone along' takes us beyond implication into an outright lie.
      • The other clear implication is that the military news coming out of the region is full of falsehoods.
      • Most people would instinctively say no, and his implication in his article is that this crazy.
      • Again, there was no grandstanding, no implication that the nation needed to have its resolve stiffened or its sinews strengthened.
      • The subtlety of the humour is lost on the viewer if he is not aware of this implication.
      • The statement and its rather odd implication were reported around the world.
      • I apologize for any contrary implication, and I hereby make a complete retraction.
      • He said they acted voluntarily, adding that there was no implication of fraud.
      • The TV licensing adverts make the clear but unstated implication that anyone who does not have a licence is breaking the law.

    • 1.3Filosofía Matemáticas

      implicación femenino
      consecuencia femenino

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    implicación femenino
    • What's underlying this essay, instead, is Chuck's own implication in the whole scheme.