Traducción de impossible en Español:


imposible, adj.

Pronunciación /ɪmˈpɒsɪb(ə)l//ɪmˈpɑsəb(ə)l/


  • 1

    (task/request/job) imposible
    she's making impossible demands on you te está exigiendo lo imposible
    • it's impossible for him/us/me to arrive by noon le/nos/me es imposible llegar a mediodía
    • it's impossible for two people to use the machine at the same time es imposible que dos personas utilicen la máquina al mismo tiempo
    • She also can only pick things up with her right hand and everyday tasks such as opening a bottle are impossible.
    • We'll only give in when it becomes mathematically impossible to catch them.
    • He points out that in Bangalore, it is well-nigh impossible to get a hotel room.
    • While canvassing, it's impossible to tell which way people will vote.
    • The entire programme was based around the index, so it appeared to be an impossible situation.
    • Those of you in that impossible situation have all my empathy, and best wishes for a happy resolution.
    • Even tasks I have done a million times alone become impossible feats when others are watching.
    • Not being nervous is, of course, probably impossible under the circumstances.
    • To determine their views is a difficult task, no doubt, but not entirely impossible.
    • Synthesising all of the various glycoforms in the laboratory would be an almost impossible task.
    • Drug use has become so widespread and accepted that it is impossible to enforce existing laws.
    • For this reason a refund was impossible, a situation which we regard as very unfair.
    • It is impossible to know what the real situation is, so we assume the worst.
    • An impossible dream, I told myself, but it was what I wanted.
    • She told a newspaper how even simple tasks like buying a pint of milk have become impossible for her.
    • Within a few years making such a film became difficult: it would be impossible today.
    • That wrong knowing of the nature of the world puts us in an impossible situation.
    • I wanted to be sympathetic to their experience, but found it impossible.
    • He added it would put people from Pool in an impossible situation.
    • Could he have pulled off the seemingly impossible feat of winning a fourth consecutive Gold Cup?
    • Evidently it was difficult but not impossible to achieve the rank of officer.
    • The situation is impossible, but my love for the country is too great for me to leave.
    • Representing such a lifetime's work on a single disc is a near impossible task.
    • Insufficient archaeological evidence makes it impossible at the moment to answer any of these questions with confidence.
    • She told me that what I was suggesting was physically impossible to achieve.
    • Clergy and parents are being put through impossible situations each and every year.
    • For some people such a situation might be unacceptable or even an impossible state of affairs.
  • 2

    (position/situation) intolerable
    to make life impossible for sb hacerle la vida imposible a algn
  • 3

    (child/person) tremendo
    (child/person) increíble
    • He was confusing enough when he was alive but now, when he's dead, he's impossible.


  • 1

    to ask/do/attempt the impossible pedir/hacer/intentar lo imposible