Traducción de impregnable en Español:


inexpugnable, adj.

Pronunciación /ɪmˈprɛɡnəb(ə)l//ɪmˈprɛɡnəb(ə)l/


  • 1

    (rampart/fortress) inexpugnable
    (fortress/rampart) impenetrable
    (organization/barrier) impenetrable
    • The key to the Belgian defence along the Albert Canal was the supposedly impregnable fortress of Eben-Emael.
    • Still, to perfect one's play at Worms, you will have to spend a lot of time learning the nuances of each weapon and tricks on how to defeat what seems like an impregnable AI.
    • I'm satisfied this place is nearly impregnable.
    • There has to be something; no fortress is completely impregnable.
    • But sometime during the final week your impregnable fortress crashes and burns, but you land on your feet at the very end of the month.
    • Later, he began building model castles, surrounded by fortified emplacements, and he spent hours studying the virtually impregnable fortifications of Vauban.
    • After all, within the space of a three-month election campaign she managed to squander a seemingly impregnable lead of 22 percent over the SPD.
    • He required forceful persuasion to forego county commitments to fly back for the final, but no-one smiled brighter after the previously impregnable Ireland had been clinically defeated by 47 runs.
    • But Preston were knocked sideways by the shock of seeing their impregnable lead suddenly wiped out.
    • Austria ruled directly only in the newly formed Kingdom of Lombardy-Venetia, but from the impregnable fortresses of the Quadrilateral in the central Po Valley Austrian bayonets could reach any part of Italy.
    • On 15 September French and Serbian mountain troops successfully attacked hitherto impregnable Bulgarian positions.
    • Labyrinthine streets of ancient slum housing traversed the steep hill up to the impregnable city walls.
    • No doubt it will go the way of all seemingly impregnable empires of the past.
    • The victory stretched their 100 percent winning sequence to 19 matches and they now have an impregnable nine point lead at the top.
    • In the face of these pressures, Anglican natural theology retreated into the apparently impregnable fortress of biology.
    • Incredibly sturdy, it had been built to serve as a nuclear bomb shelter if necessary, supposedly an impregnable fortress of civil defense.
    • In their accounts of hunting for a way out, they provide a survey of a border territory, an impregnable zone through which the people imprisoned above would never pass.
    • In the middle of Hue, however, was a virtually impregnable fortress known as the Citadel, with towers, ramparts, moats, concrete walls, and bunkers.
    • The castle had been built with a good eye for defense; this place was virtually impregnable.
    • Singapore, an island at the southern end of the Malay Peninsula, was considered a vital part of the British Empire and supposedly impregnable as a fortress.
    • Then, without warning, you've got the world's number one goalkeeper in self-destruct mode, the England captain glancing an own goal home and a seemingly impregnable lead overturned.
    • Between them they created a seemingly impregnable fortress, naturally protected on three sides by cliffs and defended by concentric lines of mutually supporting fortifications.
    • He was impregnable, unbeatable, and nothing, no creature could even come close to conquering the mighty Kong.
    • The walls surrounding the city were impregnable, never before breached by an attacking army.
    • Yes sir, but we think that the position is impregnable and we can hold it against far superior forces.
    • But he had other things in mind - plans that had been consuming his soul since he had escaped from La Fortaleza, the once impregnable fortress that had fallen a little over a year ago.
    • However, instead of building the fort on a hill, the impassable wetlands were used to create an impregnable site, the biggest marshland in England.
    • He's seen what looked like an impregnable 22-point lead slashed to just two ahead of me.
  • 2

    (argument) irrebatible
    (argument) irrefutable
    the champion is now in an impregnable position el campeón está ahora en una posición invulnerable