Traducción de impregnate en Español:


impregnar, v.

Pronunciación /ˈɪmprɛɡneɪt//ɪmˈprɛɡˌneɪt/

verbo transitivo

  • 1

    to impregnate sth with sth impregnar algo con/de algo
    • So he spent the next seven years inventing a system of chemically impregnated paper strips that when rubbed together made a cracking noise.
    • The total amount of lignin impregnated onto the filter paper comprised approximately 30% of the weight of the sheet in order to mimic the lignin content in mechanical pulp papers.
    • The main problem now for the scientists is how best to impregnate the rock with the chemicals meant to prevent the widening of large cracks that are forming rapidly.
    • Dr John Harrison, a climate expert from the University of Stirling, says crops will fail before the land is flooded as salt impregnates the soil.
    • Leonardo impregnated them with wax, stripped away the surrounding tissue and superbly illustrated their shape.
    • The roof leaks, the walls are impregnated with damp and the buttresses are crumbling.
    • The mask is impregnated with ginseng, vitamin E, aloe vera and green tea.
    • They checked and purported to control how asbestos was removed from site and ensured that asbestos impregnated clothing was dealt with so as not to spread asbestos
    • I'm sure there isn't a non-smoker among us who hasn't wretched as they've been engulfed in a plume of smoke from someone walking past, the fumes impregnating their clothes and hair with that familiar stale smell.
    • She was thoroughly impregnated, inside and outside, upside and down, and in every direction, with that perfume.
    • The smell when I open my fiddle case - years of tobacco smoke from thousands of gigs in Irish pubs are impregnated in the wood, along with the smell of rosin and the odd spilled whiskey.
    • The smell of urine so deeply impregnated the furnishings and floors of the dayrooms that it seemed ineradicable (not that anyone tried to eradicate it).
    • The seeds were then cut in half longitudinally and deposited on a sterile Whatman No.1 filter paper impregnated with 1% tetrazolium chloride.
    • Boil water vigorously or disinfect it with iodine; portable filters impregnated with resins, sold at camping stores, are another option.
  • 2formal

    (make pregnant)
    • Out of work, and desperate for cash, Armstrong receives an offer from his ex-girlfriend, Fatima, that if he impregnates her, she will pay him handsomely.
    • At 15 she qualified to live by herself under state care, and it was while she was living in a Surrey duplex that she was impregnated.
    • Another common legend claims that fairies would abduct women to be impregnated and bear children for the fairy race.
    • Jake sat for a moment, and stared at Amy's stomach, he couldn't pick a moment for sure that he had impregnated her, but he knew it had to be him.
    • Within 60 days, the cow will be impregnated again.
    • Surely, a man encountered Agnes and impregnated her, and scared, Agnes kept quiet until the fateful night.
    • Peter aggressively pursues Misty, marries her, hauls her back to Waytansea Island and impregnates her.
    • Very few bulls remain to impregnate cows, making inbreeding a pressing concern.
    • The schoolteacher she dotes on impregnates her and leaves for England.
    • His wife, determined to have a child at any cost, demands that he impregnate her - even though it will bring about seroconversion and risk the creation of an HIV-infected offspring.
    • Scorning marriage, she drafted a body builder to impregnate her before casting him aside as irrelevant to her new role as liberated mother-artiste.
    • Through brute force, he impregnates Celie twice and takes the babies away in the forest where he plans to kill them.
    • This partner would impregnate her and, thus, contribute his genetic material to the next generation.
    • As parents, what do you do if your beloved daughter was found pregnant or your son had impregnated someone?
    • But the real winner is stud fees: It is estimated that the horse could make some US $80 million annually impregnating mares for the next few years.
    • She develops over the winter inside a female flower, and is impregnated by the male in the spring.
    • One day, a shower of gold fell through the opening and Zeus impregnated her with a son who would be named Perseus.
    • Fourteen males reported that they had impregnated a female, and one reported having one or more children.
    • Toronto Zoo gave their chameleon to Sofia Zoo as a sign of gratitude for the female hippopotamus sent to impregnate a Toronto Zoo hippopotamus last year.
    • One study found that, among pregnant 15-year-olds, 40% had been impregnated by a man who was at least 20 years old.