Traducción de impresario en Español:


empresario teatral, n.

Pronunciación /ˌɪmprɪˈsɑːrɪəʊ//ˌɪmprəˈsɛrəˌoʊ//ˌɪmprəˈsɑriˌoʊ/

nombrePlural impresarios

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    empresario teatral masculino
    empresaria teatral femenino
    • The artist and impresario has produced 425 prints of his Edinburgh: Old and New Towns, a fascinating illustration of a city full of contrasts yet all carved from the same rock.
    • Rather, museum directors are impresarios who mount splendid exhibitions which draw thousands of visitors, and travel from museum to museum.
    • From the start, the impresario sought the best talent in show business.
    • He remembers what a New York theatre impresario once told him.
    • Ballet was at its most artistically powerful in the hands of the Russian impresario Sergei Diaghilev, who was insistent that the form was a gesamtkunstwerk, a total artwork, comprising not dancing merely, but music and design as well.
    • Last year, the concert impresario allowed fans to access recordings of live performances from its Reading Festival.
    • There were no Hollywood impresarios or producers looking over our shoulders.
    • Brandt was the impresario who had discovered Carly Simon and unleashed the Rolling Stones on America.
    • Then the theatre impresario asked Smith who should succeed him.
    • Today's dance company director must be not only an artist but an impresario as well.
    • He is an impresario because he knows how to exploit a coincidence of finances, politicians, financiers, publicity and taste in order to make a laundress like Nini into a star.
    • At the top of his agenda is finding an impresario to arrange a tour.
    • The boys' hopes for a continental tour are dashed when the French impresario who invited them over abandons them on the dock.
    • I have always made impresarios a lot of money across my career and have never, so far as I am aware, given any of them heart attacks.
    • The company formed in 1909 by the Russian impresario Serge Diaghilev to bring Russian dance to the West.
    • A famous television celebrity and a distinguished theatrical impresario were there on my recommendation and loved it.
    • As an impresario, Goh organized the Stars of North American Ballet tour to China in 2002.
    • Amsterdam impresarios and regional orchestras frequently promote the genre.
    • Such showcase events help the festival directors and impresarios to select and bring the best to the international festivals.
    • Opera impresario Raymond Gubbay has proved to concert promoters that given the right marketing, concerts and operas can be made as popular as any other evening's entertainment.
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    director masculino
    directora femenino
    • By the 1710s impresario John Rich was once again presenting the semi operas The Island Princess and The Prophetess as well as a full opera, Bonocini's Camilla in English.
    • During its long existence Pantomime has witnessed other panto impresarios, such as Augustus Harris, ‘Father of modern Pantomime’ at the Drury Lane Theatre in the 1870's.
    • So the other night we went to the Belasco Theatre, erected in 1910 by the impresario and playwright David Belasco for his own shows.
    • Nonetheless, his great-grandfather was a clown at the Tivoli in Copenhagen, then a ringmaster, then an impresario.
    • They involve a singing frog, a vaudeville show, the impresario who runs it, and the mad scientist who works for him.