Traducción de impressive en Español:


admirable, adj.

Pronunciación /ɪmˈprɛsɪv//ɪmˈprɛsɪv/


  • 1

    (record/work) admirable
    (record/work) digno de admiración
    an impressive 78 out of 79 students passed the exam 78 de los 79 estudiantes aprobaron el examen, lo cual es admirable
    • she's a very impressive speaker es una excelente oradora
    • an impressive number of top-class athletes un número nada desdeñable de atletas de primera fila
    • Just getting here with most of what you need is a pretty impressive accomplishment.
    • He has an impressive list of clients, many of whom have been cajoled into backing his cause.
    • He has an impressive CV and is credited with creating the UK's entire airborne radar capability.
    • With such numbers, the company has an impressive showing for general workforce diversity.
    • The special effects and the look of the film are both very impressive and pretty true to the books.
    • It is far more impressive when others discover your good qualities without your help.
    • He was such an impressive person and I was awestruck when I met him for the first time.
    • From the outside, however, the results look very impressive.
    • The most impressive aspect of this book is its insight into a strange and often troubled man.
    • Yet it is this bright and fresh view of London that make the paintings so impressive.
    • As ever, one of the biggest pulls at the show was the impressive range of shire horses on display.
    • Considering this is her first lead role in a feature film, she is very impressive.
    • While these statistics may not seem impressive at first glance, they are in fact monumental.
    • What makes her achievement all the more impressive is that she is something of a late starter.
    • Again, it was impressive to see the level of detail going into the production.
    • It was the Scottish women who led the way yesterday with a clutch of impressive victories.
    • He had a pretty impressive record but rule changes forced him to give up when he was 19.
    • He said the terminal was all the more impressive as it was originally going to take a decade to build.
    • The prize is particularly impressive as the couple have only been on their own farm for one year.
    • His achievement is all the more impressive given the in limitations of the chosen media.
  • 2

    (building/ceremony) imponente
    (building/ceremony) impresionante