Traducción de impropriety en Español:


incorrección, n.

Pronunciación /ˌɪmprəˈpraɪədi//ˌɪmprəˈprʌɪəti/

nombrePlural improprieties

  • 1

    (breach of decorum)
    incorrección femenino
    he committed a gross impropriety cometió una grave falta
    • You can see how the slightest impropriety would be pounced on as grounds for derision and exclusion.
    • It goes without saying that everyone involved in these cushy deals denies any impropriety.
    • There should be no lingering questions, let alone any whiff of impropriety.
    • The High Court found no impropriety or illegality in her dismissal.
    • I think that so many of these contributions create the impression of impropriety and it taints all of us.
    • The plaintiffs' allegations against the defendant involve those of serious wrongdoing and impropriety.
    • Rumours of financial impropriety began swirling around the association in the fall of 2003.
    • None of the allegations related to financial impropriety or wilful misconduct.
    • But at no time whatsoever have I ever acted dishonestly or with conscious impropriety.
    • There are no allegations of impropriety against any other individual.
    • Although none of this indicates any form of impropriety, it does illustrate the scale of the market and why many international investors are wary of it.
    • So, I read that he has been mired in accusations and allegations of corruption, sexual impropriety, and drug use.
    • Wouldn't the government have acted had it been another kind of corruption like financial impropriety or something?
    • The activist, whose daughter was a presiding officer for one polling station, has strenuously denied any impropriety.
    • In this case there was no impropriety by the defendants in the conduct of the litigation.
    • The witness said he was not aware of any hint of anything improper or any impropriety in the granting of the licence.
    • With legal impropriety, the judge bullied the jury into a finding of guilty.
    • The appearance of impropriety is not the same thing as impropriety and the two should not be confused.
    • I think as the editorial in The Courier Mail said on Saturday, there have been veiled suggestions of impropriety.
    • She seemed to have gentlemen admirers, though no impropriety was ever established.
  • 2

    falta de decoro femenino
    incorrección femenino
  • 3formal

    impropiedad femenino