Traducción de impulse en Español:


impulso, n.

Pronunciación /ˈɪmpʌls//ˈɪmˌpəls/


  • 1

    impulso masculino
    my first impulse was to stop her mi primer impulso fue pararla
    • acting on (an) impulse llevado por un impulso
    • on impulse, I ran after her sin pensarlo, salí corriendo tras ella
    • I had a sudden, wild impulse to start shouting de repente me entraron unas ganas locas de ponerme a gritar
    • before noun it was an impulse buy fue una compra impulsiva
    • Bergman wants to portray the powerful, often destructive desires and impulses lying beneath placid social exteriors.
    • People frequently say how much they really enjoy classical music or how they'd ‘really like to go to the symphony sometime’ but often fail to act on that impulse.
    • I had a sudden impulse to tell the woman pouring the wine that I loved her.
    • I feel torn between two conflicting impulses - my desire to be taken seriously as an intellectual, and my desire to share with others the absurd things that delight me.
    • At the same time, parenting skills are supposed to have improved as adults became better at mastering their own impulses and at developing strong emotional ties.
    • His skin was almost translucent, and for a moment I longed to reach up and touch it, but I quickly pushed the impulse aside.
    • My first impulse was to get away from him as quickly as possible, but sometimes that is not easy to do.
    • He adds, ‘The impulse to hoard, along with selfishness generally, is in my view inherent in human nature.’
    • If people are inherently bad, then their impulses, desires, and drives are inherently bad and must be resisted, controlled, or punished.
    • He nodded, successfully resisting the sudden impulse to reach for her hand.
    • Often, persons with low frustration tolerance experience a strong impulse to escape from, or avoid frustrating situations.
    • High emotional tension can produce sudden impulses in your behavior that cause difficulties.
    • Isn't the real problem indeed that such people lack the ability to control their irrational desires and impulses?
    • Driven by a mad impulse, I strolled up to the road in front of the cab, and stood before it.
    • Our reflective capacities allow us and require us to step back from our mere impulses in order to determine when and whether to act on them.
    • This novel incorporates the full spectrum of what it means to be human, stripping away society to reveal the basic elements, impulses and desires of humanity.
    • You have forgotten all your nervousness and butterflies, and you are just acting on impulses.
    • In order to lead a virtuous life, reason must shape our impulses and guide their expression in action.
    • For a moment he had an impulse to confess, if for no other reason than to hear the detective tell him he'd done nothing wrong.
    • Most of the stuff I post on the site is the result of acting quickly on random impulses, and this was a case in point.
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    (impetus, force)
    impulso masculino
    electrical/nerve impulse impulso eléctrico/nervioso
    • Indian thought transformed not only China and Southeast Asia, it may also have provided key impulses to Western thought.
    • This will open the door for the realization that man exists within a huge field of gravitational and magnetic impulses.
    • They're not complying with international law and at the very moment in which we are trying to give a new impulse to the peace process.
    • Tesla recreated the Hertz experiment and quickly realised that an oscillator that he developed transmitted wireless impulses much more efficiently.
    • This hypothesis has been around for decades and the study of it has failed to generate enough positive data to lead us to believe that sound waves instead of ion flux is how impulses are generated.
    • The authors would first like to thank Richard Swedberg, who provided the impulse to the present work, and continued to be a great source of inspiration on Schumpeter.
    • The individual provides the impulse which sets the process of litigation in motion, but the institution - the law - defines the terms.
    • Even so, in this process the educated must provide the initial impulse; they must make the masses conscious of themselves and of their destiny.
    • One of the main impulses for devolution in the 1980s and 1990s was the need to defend the social democratic settlement in Scotland and Wales from the neo-liberal attack.
    • Moreover, the main impulses for change are internal, rather than the significantly more unpredictable external challenges of governing.
    • Trade and distribution provided the central impulses for industrialization.
    • It is no exaggeration to say that the territorial imperative has been the main impulse driving the aggressive behavior of nation-states.
    • The process of minimizing an impact force can be approached from the definition of the impulse of force.
    • I felt an impulse on the racket as a force reflected off the strings.
    • Neither do you disown a book that provided ideas and impulses to a generation of political science professionals.