Traducción de inability en Español:


incapacidad, n.

Pronunciación /ɪnəˈbɪlɪti//ˌɪnəˈbɪlədi/


  • 1

    incapacidad femenino
    inability to + inf incapacidad para + inf
    • her inability to deal with people su incapacidad para tratar con la gente
    • There have been occasions, too, when his inability to hold his tongue has got him into trouble.
    • Perhaps the pitch contributed to their inability to play any decent football in the first half.
    • He never goes to extremes and has no vices, except for the inability to pass up a bargain.
    • The frustrating part has been their utter inability to communicate with anyone.
    • I'm very good at borrowing things but suffer from a complete inability to give things back.
    • His other key weakness is his inability to detach himself from his players and put them under pressure.
    • Those who know him insist he's driven by an utter inability to accept defeat.
    • With me that manifests itself as a clamming up, an inability to talk about what's important.
    • He says his resignation was triggered by his inability to form a new Cabinet.
    • Do they show a manipulative attitude to nature, or an inability to be content with what they are given?
    • The use of mouthwashes is not advised in young children due to their inability to spit.
    • His inability to understand basic statistics is enough for me to distrust him completely.
    • He cursed himself for his weakness, for his inability to remain angry with her.
    • As a result of his inability to cope he said that he was drinking too much and covering up his inability to run the store.
    • They laughed the loudest of all, making me feel a lot less guilty about my own inability to resist joining in.
    • He has suffered a nervous breakdown probably connected to his own inability to relate to others.
    • As the disease progresses, total paralysis and the inability to speak or swallow result.
    • He quit soon after, apparently in frustration at his inability to control the situation.
    • He winds me up no end with his seeming inability to view anything from any other perspective but his own.
    • Aristotle said that the inability to feel shame is the ultimate proof of a wicked character.