Traducción de inanimate en Español:


inanimado, adj.

Pronunciación /ɪnˈænəmət//ɪnˈanɪmət/


  • 1

    an inanimate object un objeto inanimado
    • she lay inanimate on the ground yacía exánime en el suelo
    • When spirits inhabit inanimate objects, they cease being inanimate.
    • I personally think it's the people who pull the triggers that kill people, guns are just inanimate objects, machines that can only work with a person present.
    • But the single biggest cause of snowmobiling casualties are inanimate objects.
    • Even when we are a little the worse for wear through drink, our natural inclination to apologise to pets and inanimate objects comes to the fore.
    • The national poll to choose a flower for each county mirrors the US, where each state lays claims to a series of inanimate objects as their own.
    • One important distinction within the natural world is found in the fact that some natural substances are alive and others inanimate.
    • Wind chill does not affect inanimate objects, nor does it affect people who are sheltered from the wind.
    • Hallucinatory content can include inanimate objects, people, animals, plants and bunches of flowers, trees, and complete scenes.
    • The dolls are inanimate objects given life and the creation of more of them lets the artists give flesh to the worries of the audience.
    • The word ‘article’ means something inanimate which is not and never has been alive.
    • In fact I have heard that good chess masters now study computer games and learn new strategies from those inanimate models.
    • There may also be inappropriate use of toys, obsessive spinning of objects or attachment to inanimate objects.
    • The viruses associated with the cold and flu can survive on inanimate objects and skin for up to three hours.
    • And third, does not anthropomorphism require the transposition of human qualities onto an inanimate object?
    • All of God's creation, animate and inanimate, reflected God's generosity toward his creatures and evoked an outpouring of praise and thanks.
    • Those of you who have visited my photoblog may think that my passion in photography lies in capturing scenery, landscapes and inanimate objects.
    • I still have occasional empathy with inanimate objects.
    • First, it's a document, a mighty one, but still an inanimate object.
    • One of the other themes that run through your work is anthropomorphic or inanimate objects that come to life in some way.
    • I know it's not normal to shout and swear at the television - it is, after all, an inanimate object - but that is what I do.