Traducción de inapposite en Español:


fuera de lugar, adj.

Pronunciación /ɪnˈæpəzɪt//ɪnˈapəzɪt/



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    fuera de lugar
    no pertinente
    • Since the proposals were to be made in secret, and not in full glare of the Arab world, the UN floor would seem a highly inapposite point of discussion.
    • The use of the phrase ‘subject to licence’ is not wholly inapposite since it marks the need for the assignee to have a formal licence as part of his documents of title.
    • It is, of course, axiomatic that in this field we must be on our guard, when considering liability for damages in nuisance, not to draw inapposite conclusions from cases concerned only with a claim for an injunction.
    • To these ludicrous features was added an intense and seemingly inapposite pride in his native country.
    • It made me wonder what criticism was, or reviewing: perhaps the saying of inapposite things in uninteresting ways.
    • The ‘Duchess of Doom’ seems like an inapposite moniker for one whose accent is more the English south coast than south Kensington and whose blonde, good looks radiate charm.
    • But while allowing that his book is superior in almost every way to your average music journalism, I wonder whether in choosing such an inapposite subject Ricks is not throwing into question the value of academic scrutiny.
    • He insisted that the data supplied by the claimants rested ‘on surmise and inapposite extrapolations from animal studies and industrial accidents’.
    • Indeed, the test, it can be argued, is inapposite in many cases.
    • Paddy Cunneen's music, screechily inapposite Irish jigs scraped out on one or two instruments, is as unhelpful as the by-now-clichéd Edwardian costuming.