Traducción de inapt en Español:


poco apto, adj.

Pronunciación /ɪˈnæpt//ɪnˈapt/



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    poco apto
    poco idóneo
    • That analogy is singularly inapt to this particular situation.
    • In fact, I have seen this Act described as a treaty and I do not know whether, in real terms, that is an entirely inapt description.
    • At first glance, the metaphor - a rising tide of mediocrity - seems inapt, even odd.
    • To address the Great Depression, Franklin D. Roosevelt declared national emergency, relying on a generation-old statute that was arguably inapt because it was intended for wartime, and the country was not then at war.
    • An article in last Sunday's San Francisco Chronicle makes a particularly inapt comparison.
    • Some analogies are persuasive; other analogies are inapt.
    • They don't seem to realize how the use of this inapt example demonstrates their inability to grasp the nature of new and different conflicts.
    • Moreover, the use of the adverb ‘suddenly’ in the context is singularly inapt to describe the nature of the change to which the respondent's daughter would be exposed if she were now to be required to move school.
    • I will follow the convention of referring to all non-left/liberal ideologies as ‘conservative,’ however inapt that may be.
    • But the comparison to Eisenhower's notorious caginess strikes me as quite inapt.
    • Well, many politicians and others use historical allusions, and they almost always are inapt because no two situations are the same.
    • I had been comparing the arcs with rainbows, which now seems inapt.
    • In such circumstances it is inapt to burden the courts of Jersey with this case in any way.
    • The expression ‘cost of reinstatement, repair or replacement’ is wholly apt in relation to buildings, fixtures, fittings and goods, but wholly inapt in relation to economic loss.
    • Still, this is a somewhat closer matter; the framing of the question in the following paragraph is more clearly inapt.
    • There are a number of points making this application inapt.
    • Moreover, the use of ‘shall’ in the condition is inapt: the condition was not requiring, merely enabling, the indoor market to the held on up to ten days throughout the year over and above Saturdays and Sundays.
    • And it strikes me as a singularly inapt analogy to make, an analogy that ought to make one question its user's underlying thinking about the problem.
    • I think the metaphor is completely inapt and is really an apples-and-oranges sort of thing.
    • Still, I think that Heidegger, like no other before him, has shown an aspect (and that itself is a laughably inapt term) of our world, an aspect we take for granted and have learned ever more easily to inhabit without thinking.