Traducción de inaugurate en Español:


inaugurar, v.

Pronunciación /ɪˈnɔːɡjʊreɪt//ɪˈnɔɡ(j)əˌreɪt/

verbo transitivo

  • 1

    • This discovery inaugurated the golden age of trade between Europe and Asia.
    • Bulgaria supported the losing side again in World War II, and the arrival of the Red Army in August 1944 inaugurated a period of Communist Party rule.
    • Keynes' General Theory of 1936 did not inaugurate a new age of economic policies; rather it marked the end of a period.
    • Far from it being a preventative war, and that's the way they sold it, it inaugurated a century of the most unspeakable violence in human history.
    • When the Berlin wall fell in November 1989, a new era of democracy was inaugurated…
    • Peter the Great's notorious visit to London in 1698 inaugurated the new century in a diplomatic, economic and cultural manner.
    • I suspect I've already inaugurated this new era with my previous post.
    • That seemingly casual remark inaugurated a six-week period during which I played the most consistently good golf I've ever played.
    • Such operations inaugurated what would become a widespread, flourishing black market that survived the entire Soviet period.
    • In one promising sign, the government last week announced that it will inaugurate a new trade policy in May that will lower tariffs for a wide range of products over the next five years.
    • The end of the cold war inaugurated a new period, where non-Westerners were no longer the helpless recipients of Western power, but now counted amongst the movers of history.
    • The African American Civil Rights movement inspired and inaugurated a new era of ethnic pride and political consciousness.
    • Flavius Julius Constantius was appointed as Maximian's junior to help inaugurate the new system of government in the West.
    • This inaugurated a period of monetary stability which characterized the 1980s and 1990s, interrupted only by an economic downturn in the late 1980s.
    • The end of the War of 1812 with Britain inaugurated decades of peaceful economic growth, with new roads and canals opening the eastern seaboard to easier and speedier travel.
    • Simultaneously, President Franklin D. Roosevelt inaugurated U.S. rearmament, with emphasis on aircraft.
    • Invariably, however, technology reaches a point of diminishing returns, inaugurating a period of stagnation and crisis.
    • In the fifteenth century, the Portuguese inaugurated the Age of Discovery and for three centuries built and expanded a seaborne empire.
    • The classic period of the first cold war runs from 1947 through the Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962, which finally inaugurated an era of detente.
    • It was the 747 that inaugurated the age of mass air travel.
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    (building/exhibition) inaugurar
    • They inaugurated the festival in 1993 and continued to hold it every two years.
    • The centre would be formally inaugurated on June 19 in the presence of the guests.
    • A wise mayor inaugurated an annual international food festival where each nationality could show off its dishes.
    • The building is likely to be inaugurated on June 30.
    • The Mayor, J. Chandra, herself was there to inaugurate the camp.
    • An actor inaugurated the event by releasing a poster to mark the occasion.
    • ‘Although we may inaugurate the project on June 22, we are still uncertain about the amount of money that will be disbursed by the central government this year,’ he said.
    • She was in Kochi on Monday to inaugurate an exhibition of diamonds.
    • Flag officers from Maxwell and Pensacola and an official from Eastern were among the dignitaries at the ceremony inaugurating Dannelly Airport on July 1, 1943.
    • Mitsubishi Motors Club was inaugurated in May 1990 and now has a membership of 2,300.
    • He also inaugurated a multipurpose hall, cafeteria, teaching block and library building.
    • Still, this was one exhibition that drew dozens of people even before it was formally inaugurated.
    • The firm also recently inaugurated a technology and development center at its plant in Anaheim, CA.
    • The monastery was formally inaugurated by His Holiness on March 31, 1985.
    • The show, which was inaugurated on Wednesday, will go on till Sunday.
    • To be inaugurated on Friday, the exhibition will remain open for a week.
    • Corporate Affairs vice-president of Sundaram Finance Limited, R. Anand, inaugurated the event and released a souvenir on the occasion.
    • The place is going to be formally inaugurated on October 18 at 5.30 p.m. at its premises, 39, Netaji Road, Fraser Town.
    • The new facility, located in Gaithersburg, Montgomery County, Maryland, was to be formally inaugurated yesterday.
  • 3formal

    (president/official) investir
    to be inaugurated president ser investido como presidente
    • The Russian president was officially inaugurated into office on Sunday.
    • Following the presidential election results, on January 2002, he was inaugurated President of the Republic of Zambia.
    • Some 40 world leaders will gather Tuesday to see the president inaugurated for a second term.
    • After he was inaugurated as president, Mr. Roh still showed sensitive reactions to the critical reports or commentaries of conservative papers.
    • I could not believe it when I was told that the president had not been inaugurated into office.
    • He was formally inaugurated on June 23 in Beijing, replacing the former chief executive Tung-Chee Hwa, who resigned in March.
    • Chosen as president by the Confederate provisional government established at Montgomery, Alabama, Davis was inaugurated in February 1861.
    • When I was inaugurated at president of the Republic of Namibia, among the points that I said I was going to fight against was corruption.
    • He was officially inaugurated as Lancashire county chairman at the NFU's county luncheon which took place at the Crofters Hotel in Garstang last Tuesday.
    • My question to you is, what specific thing are you going to be doing first, after you are inaugurated as President?
    • The Congress elected him as president and he was inaugurated on August 6, 1997.
    • He was inaugurated on April 27, 1999 for a 5-year term.
    • Lynne met the little boy at his home in Malton a couple of hours before she was formally inaugurated as the charity's new president last Thursday.
    • So by the time I was actually inaugurated, I had a list of about 10 major items that I wanted to accomplish in foreign policy.
    • He was inaugurated as vice president on 4 March 1901.
    • The newly inaugurated American president is known to be a strong supporter of the project.
    • Reagan wanted some briefings in Washington before he was inaugurated.
    • It wasn't until '95, when he was inaugurated as Texas governor, that he held an elective office.
    • The new head of state was officially inaugurated at a ceremony in front of Alexander Nevski Cathedral on Tuesday.
    • Growing public opposition to the program led newly inaugurated president Richard Nixon to suspend deployment until further studies were completed.