Traducción de inauguration en Español:


investidura, n.

Pronunciación /ɪˌnɔːɡjʊˈreɪʃ(ə)n//ɪˌnɔɡ(j)əˈreɪʃ(ə)n/


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    investidura femenino
    toma de posesión femenino
    (speech/ball/ceremony) (before noun) de investidura
    (ball/ceremony/speech) (before noun) de toma de posesión
    • His inauguration might offer the nation a new turn, and from that the congregations draw hope.
    • In my inauguration speech, I spoke about, you will be judged on what you build, not what you destroy.
    • Playing tennis meant I missed watching the inauguration of President Mbeki on TV.
    • However, the main flyover will be ready for inauguration by December 2004.
    • Some fifty years later, in 1249, we can observe the fusion of old and new in the inauguration rites of Alexander III at Scone.
    • The official state inauguration is taking place several blocks away in the Congress.
    • On the grassy grounds below was the area where the president came for the inauguration of Nelson Mandella.
    • She also wore white to the inauguration of President Abraham Lincoln.
    • The inauguration is a well produced public spectacle of democracy.
    • This man has 76 days to put together a government and plan an inauguration.
    • So the inauguration is Tuesday but in some places the changing of the guard has already taken place.
    • We're counting down to his historic inauguration.
    • He says many points of view will be represented at his inauguration.
    • You know, we talked about the idea of a potential terrorist threat against the inauguration.
    • In April, on his first foreign trip following his inauguration, Lee traveled to the US.
    • However, shortly after his inauguration, the coverage changed considerably.
    • Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands will preside over their inauguration in The Hague this week.
    • He also performed at a concert during the week of the president's inauguration.
    • But by inauguration week, the group was backtracking from that claim.
    • Even before his inauguration, Kim was moving away from the radical left.
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    inauguración femenino
    (address/ceremony) (before noun) inaugural
    • In Hannover, fireworks marked the inauguration of the AWD arena.
    • Carmona had dressed himself in impressive ribbons and braids for the inauguration.
    • Following the huge success of its inauguration last summer, Camp Xtra is once again taking place on the campus at Devizes School.
    • The inauguration will be followed by cultural events where at least 50 colleges are expected to participate.
    • It has been enshrined in the holidaymakers' hall of fame since the 1971 inauguration of Walt Disney World in Orlando.
    • I was back in Kerala for the inauguration of the P. Sukumaran Memorial Trust.
    • Another performance that Kavita holds close to her heart was at the inauguration of the restored Bibliotheca Alexandria.
    • Inauguration of Government-owned facilities are generally drab events.
    • The Chief Minister requested the Railway Minister to fix the date for its inauguration, preferably next month.
    • Recent months, however, have seen the inauguration of two new large and highly professional contemporary art spaces.
    • The closure of the Metal Gallery in 2004, only a year after its inauguration, demonstrates all too clearly this lack of visibility.
    • In the months following the school's inauguration, some village dwellers paid to have the same kind of work done on their own homes.
    • Cricketers and the outlets' Managing Directors attended the inauguration of the Mega Fun Cricket Tournament.
    • Before its inauguration, the park was closed for a week to allow workers to add their final touches to the project.
    • A formal ceremony marked the inauguration of the exhibition.