Traducción de inauspicious en Español:


desfavorable, adj.

Pronunciación /ˌɪnɔˈspɪʃəs//ɪnɔːˈspɪʃəs/


  • 1

    (circumstances) desfavorable
    (circumstances) adverso
    (moment/start/time) poco propicio
    • But, for many, sadly all snowdrops are to be shunned; like other white flowers, they are often considered inauspicious.
    • These female spirits linger near the places where, in life, they met untimely and inauspicious deaths or died childless.
    • Despite its inauspicious beginnings, the pair of them had an unorthodox, but happy marriage that lasted until Charlotte's death in 1943.
    • It was an inauspicious beginning and there were many complaints about cancelled shows and misleading publicity.
    • To say she was superstitious was an understatement - she would book every single Friday 13 th off work, and any day that looked inauspicious on her horoscope.
    • Last year, in his first professional season, he made a similarly inauspicious start to the Challenge Tour, missing several cuts, being penalised for being late on the tee, and on one occasion disqualified.
    • Her first few weeks are inauspicious - her wardrobe, in which the emphasis is very much on leather, Lycra and PVC, alienates the rest of the female workforce, as does her brutal candour.
    • His success there attracted the attention of Gothenburg, where, despite that inauspicious start, he became the first Swedish coach to win the Uefa Cup.
    • The dish that arrived resembled a spring roll surrounded by a sauce that had the consistency and colour of custard, but in spite of such an inauspicious start we were both pretty impressed.
    • An indigo base is usually meant for an adult and often signifies an unhappy or inauspicious occasion.
    • The problem with the whole strategy of fighting drugs in prison, however, is that the fight takes place in that most inauspicious of environments: prison.
    • However, despite such inauspicious beginnings, by Act 2 Noel has successfully infiltrated the upper echelons of society and seems set for success.
    • It is a good subject for a boardroom chat, but an inauspicious one for a magazine article.
    • These ‘genuine shifts in cohesion and cooperation’ the editorialist writes about did not arise from an inauspicious conjunction of the stars.
    • However, in the hands of Scots director Saul Metzstein and writer Jack Lothian, the inauspicious subject matter is neatly woven into a slow-burning comic gem.
    • Her start in life was inauspicious, enough to put many kids on the downward slope as soon as they were out of nappies.
    • I suppose I should have expected little more of the day after such an inauspicious start.
    • Despite an inauspicious damp start to the day, the sun came out as the 1,400 participants gathered for the event, which was held at Broughton Hall, near Skipton.
    • Oh no, there's nothing inauspicious about your side of the bed.
    • Most influential, however, are the inauspicious occurrences that bode disaster.
    • The organisers claimed 30,000 delegates from all over Europe, made up of leftists, environmentalists and anti-war campaigners, but as a celebration it got off to an inauspicious start.
    • This social revolution has taken 50 years to complete but had an inauspicious start.
    • Yet out of this inauspicious premise, director Peter Hedges (who also scripted About a Boy and What's Eating Gilbert Grape) has created an extraordinarily fresh and universal film.
    • Despite these inauspicious circumstances, it soon became clear that the two shared artistic and personal passions.
    • This inauspicious start was then followed up by a catalogue of errors and poor service.
    • Torrential rain almost drowned the celebrations as the launch of the Yorkshire Dales National Park's 50th anniversary celebrations got off to an inauspicious start.
    • ‘The beginning was decidedly inauspicious,’ she writes.
    • It seemed like quite an inauspicious, dark year at the time, but 1981 was, like 1945, a turning point up from a bottom in some sense.