Traducción de incinerator en Español:


incinerador, n.

Pronunciación /ɪnˈsɪnəˌreɪdər//ɪnˈsɪnəreɪtə/


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    incinerador masculino
    • There are plans to build treatment plants for non-recyclable waste and incinerators to generate energy from rubbish.
    • Because of restrictions within districts, medical incinerators cannot burn waste from other counties.
    • Waste incinerators would not be built until at least 2013 and then only if other measures were failing to bite.
    • Green campaigners today stepped up pressure on the Government over plans to increase the number of waste incinerators across the country.
    • The paper revealed that he is considering counting energy from waste incinerators as a form of renewable energy that would qualify for government subsidies.
    • Subsequently, many medical waste incinerators were unable to comply with the new regulation and have shut down.
    • Hospitals do not bother to use incinerators and bio-medical waste is dumped into rivers causing pollution hazards.
    • Medical waste incinerators are some of the worst environmental polluters in the United States.
    • Burning of waste material in incinerators produce dioxin like gases and produce serious health problem.
    • Are there other forms of waste disposal such as incinerators?
    • There are nine hazardous waste incinerators in Ireland, five in Cork, two in Dublin one each in Kilkenny and Clare.
    • Dioxins are highly toxic and very persistent compounds released by incinerators and industrial processes such as steel-making.
    • Waste management companies now see this as a signal to build costly and polluting waste incinerators as a ‘solution’.
    • It claims that Ireland requires a national hazardous waste incinerator in addition to a small number of regional incinerators to deal with waste.
    • The disposal of medical waste through on-site incinerators would be a cure that is worse than the disease itself.
    • It can be detected in emissions from incinerators and hazardous waste sites.
    • If everyone could do that, we wouldn't need any of the incinerators or waste plants Compact Power seems so eager to inflict on inappropriate rural sites.
    • He said incineration would also deal a blow to recycling because the materials going into the incinerators were often required for recycling.
    • This would drastically cut the amount of waste being dumped in landfill sites and reduce the risk of waste incinerators being built in our area.
    • Each year, medical waste incinerators in the United States spew 16 tons of mercury into the air.