Traducción de incompetent en Español:


incompetente, adj.

Pronunciación /ɪnˈkɑmpədənt//ɪnˈkɒmpɪt(ə)nt/


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    (teacher/leader/speaker) incompetente
    (leader/teacher/speaker) inepto
    (work) deficiente
    (attempt) ineficaz
    • This crew appears to be so power-hungry, and so incompetent in carrying out their radical programs, that only disaster will result if they gain a second term.
    • They were severely lambasted for being so inept and so incompetent.
    • The point is not to say that planners are necessary corrupt or incompetent; but simply that they cannot fail to see things from the point of view of how they, personally, may be affected by their own decisions.
    • The system was supposed to have been finished a week ago… yet, as always, her incompetent assistants had let her down.
    • Consequently he was incompetent, cognitively incapable of envisioning change and probably dangerous.
    • With the ball in hand they were ambitious and expansive. And clumsy, incompetent and inadequate.
    • But to go back to work; suddenly, I AM that useless incompetent know-nothing manager whose presence in a position of authority bewilders everyone.
    • Bullies latch on to any kind of weakness - but that doesn't mean the person being bullied is incompetent or incapable.
    • With close on 360000 inexperienced and incompetent drivers in circulation, is it any wonder that the accident rate is so alarming?
    • Not necessarily incompetent, they are opportunists who seize the chance to make lots of money for doing relatively little work.
    • After that date firms would have to prove beyond doubt that older workers were incompetent or incapable of doing their jobs if they wanted to pension them off.
    • In a large number of life's most basic practical skills, I am quite staggeringly, hopelessly incompetent.
    • On the grounds of weeding out incompetent and unqualified staff, every teacher in the city was dismissed by the municipal authorities and ordered to reapply for their positions.
    • I may have said there are people here who are incompetent and unprofessional.
    • These apologies can be interpreted as excuses for people being incompetent, unqualified, dumb, disorganised, and unreliable.
    • She would even settle for her incompetent assistants at this point.
    • But yesterday Mr Roberts admitted unprofessional and incompetent conduct.
    • The problem is that we have had a succession of absolutely incompetent Ministers of Correction.
    • Quarrels over succession, corrupt and incompetent administration, and revolts accelerated disintegration.
    • I am simply too incompetent, too inexperienced and too unfit to be let anywhere near anything you can fall off.
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    to be incompetent to + inf ser incapaz para + inf
    • In a letter the procurator fiscal raised no objection to this, but in court the Crown argued, and the sheriff accepted, that the motion was incompetent.
    • The head of state must be a Muslim, and non-Muslims are incompetent to testify against Muslims.
    • If that proves to be the case, input from psychologists will become even more important in determining how the law treats defendants deemed incompetent to stand trial.
    • I am horrified that thousands of pounds of taxpayer's money is being spent employing solicitors and barristers who are incompetent.
    • There was the first, the default that you are complaining of; then there was the section of the Evidence Act; and then there was incompetent advocacy.


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    incompetente masculino