Traducción de increasingly en Español:


Pronunciación /ɪnˈkriːsɪŋli//ɪnˈkrisɪŋli/


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    increasingly difficult/dangerous cada vez más difícil/peligroso
    • it is becoming increasingly clear that the plan will not work resulta cada vez más claro que el plan no va a funcionar
    • I've become increasingly aware of the importance of … he adquirido una conciencia cada vez mayor de la importancia de …
    • we have come increasingly to rely on them dependemos cada vez más de ellos
    • Three years of related increasingly responsible professional experience must follow that degree.
    • Small businesses have found it increasingly difficult to purchase healthcare insurance.
    • Otherwise, reducing budget deficits will become increasingly more difficult.
    • Youth especially faced an increasingly precarious existence, with many dependent only on temporary or part-time jobs.
    • In the brave new age of e-mail, it has become increasingly rare to receive letters from our readers.
    • Insurance companies are increasingly offering their products directly to the consumer.
    • Departments in my own university are increasingly embracing distance teaching.
    • Society in general has also become increasingly sedentary.
    • What we are likely to see is a wider variety of handsets built to address an increasingly segmented market.
    • There are good reasons to reform the alternative minimum tax, which increasingly pummels the middle class.
    • This caused government influence over increasingly suspicious I.T. companies to wane.
    • Mayor Mike has become increasingly comfortable snuggling up to sleazy corporate benefactors.
    • One increasingly attractive option is outsourcing the task to matchmaking services.
    • Now, the trend is toward increasingly specialized journals focusing on specific themes.
    • It plays an increasingly important role in law making.
    • One solution increasingly being tried is conversion of bio-degradable waste to organic compost.
    • Lincoln became closely involved with the increasingly volatile political situation.
    • Increasingly, government representatives are jettisoning any pretense of opposition to war.
    • The increasingly popular answer is to plug into remote IT services.
    • This has become a nagging conflict in an increasingly linked world.