Traducción de increment en Español:


incremento (salarial), n.

Pronunciación /ˈɪŋkrɪm(ə)nt//ˈɪŋkrəmənt/


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    (in salary)
    incremento (salarial) masculino formal
    aumento (de sueldo) masculino
    • In campaign engineering, we know that all but a relatively small increment of voters are fixed points.
    • During operation, the light guide is stepped across the tissue surface at a fixed increment, and fluorescence measurements are made from each discrete site.
    • We already have had invalid flights from people using the cheap eTrex with only automatic time interval and no fixed time increment.
    • I worked up to published maximum loads in small increments and found all of them to be safe in my pistol.
    • Soaring demand means that suppliers have to rapidly expand the scale of their operations to increase production by sufficient increments.
    • Dosage began at 250 mg/day, increasing in increments of 500 mg, to a maximum dose of 3 g daily.
    • In the normal range, the expectation is that staff progress through the increments on an annual basis.
    • A lot of the controversies have been around what's the next step in standards - do we add an additional increment in such and so emission or do we add an additional type of emission to the suite of things we already regulate?
    • We measured the reversal potential following each of a series of conductance increments and calculated the reversal potential for each increment assuming they were independent channels.
    • We need more troops in order to secure the region, and we then need an additional increment of non-American troops so we can begin to bring some of our men and women home.
    • The maximum increment in damage there will be equal to 2.
    • This means, however, that the mother may lose not only her proficiency in her job, but also the regular salary increments that go along with normal performance.
    • As private sector workers they are not legally entitled to automatic increments in base salary.
    • The second round of talks on the annual wage and salary increments ended unresolved over the overtime issue.
    • The observations gleaned from my look at Ecuadorean housing relate to several major observations made in other countries: First, build in increments and plan to make an ongoing series of additions over time.
    • The two loosely related variables are: increments in social scale and the invention of ontologies of the divided self.
    • Additionally, the time increments between data points among the various data sources are not standard.
    • The annual increment in my first salary as a mill clerk was five rupees.
    • Because of a curvilinear relationship in which resolution gains decline with increasing sample size increments, larger sample sizes were not warranted.
    • Social workers recruited since 2001 have mostly been employed on short-term contracts so that their employers can avoid the financial burden of salary increments.
    • Demand can be billed at a flat rate or, like energy charges, can be billed at block rates based on fixed increments of demand.
    • Though the supply chain was capable of supporting a previous increment, it may not be capable of supporting future increments without additional planning.
    • The plan was to pick a middle-of-the-road load to start, and then work up to a safe maximum in reasonable increments.
    • Since we employed multiple trials for each data set, our random number generator was seeded by the computer's clock, and each file in the Monte Carlo series was identified and seeded by increments to the nearest nanosecond.
    • The first marker is at 6 feet, and steel posts mark out each additional one-foot increment thereafter.
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    incremento masculino
    • The temperature increment logarithmically decreases toward the periphery of the heating beam, causing a fluid convection of 8 m/s inside a 180 m thick microchamber.
    • We estimated meal size from the sum of positive mass increments recorded between weighings.
    • Instead of plotting variables as a function of time spent foraging, foraging activity variables were plotted as a function of an x-axis where numerical increments of one corresponded to individual dives over time.
    • If the hazard ratio is larger than one, then an increment increase in the variable causes an increase in the risk of predation.
    • But it does have an increment and decrement function, and primitive flow control.