Traducción de indefinable en Español:


indefinible, adj.

Pronunciación /ˌɪndəˈfaɪnəb(ə)l//ɪndɪˈfʌɪnəb(ə)l/


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    • So Rose Boys had a modest political aim, as well as satisfying an obscure and perhaps indefinable personal need.
    • So perfect objectivity is not just unachievable but indefinable.
    • Austrians can offer an alternative approach that does not depend on having to define or measure what is conceptually indefinable or unmeasurable.
    • And undoubtedly, their mysterious, indefinable quality is the source of their disconcerting power.
    • His eyes flashed just a little bit, with some vague, indefinable emotion, perhaps surprise, when he saw she was still lying in bed.
    • Perhaps subliminally it is this which gave her performances that indefinable, electric edge which drew audiences magnetically to her and held them spellbound.
    • In those hours I laughed so hard my face hurt, I cried, I felt happiness, sadness, empathy, anger and other indefinable emotions.
    • It is a challenging attempt to define what is often indefinable.
    • This feeling is not toward any one English person in particular, or even a whole load of English, but that indefinable thing that the word England has come to symbolise for me.
    • He did not know where his own mind ended and the rest of the world flooded in: the boundary was vague, indefinable.
    • It is that indefinable something that is drawing another Afghan refugee, 70-year-old Taj Bara back to Kabul.
    • But they are utterly indefinable by way of positive definition hence my requirement of negative demarcation.
    • Ever since the ancient Greek artist Debutades traced a line around the silhouette of her lover's face, artists have been attempting to define the indefinable.
    • Being cool is one of those indefinable qualities that's almost impossible to pin down.
    • An indefinable element that catches your eye; I had no trouble spotting her in the midst of a crowd of jeans-and-tees teenagers.
    • Poetry is the power of defining the indefinable in terms of the unforgettable.
    • In all shapes, sizes and more than anything, in those indefinable vibrant shades, butterflies seem to carry an uncanny beauty about them.
    • He displayed that elusive, indefinable quality: he looked presidential.
    • A third draft corrected some of these problems, but I still felt, without quite being able to articulate it, that in some indefinable way the script had lost ground.
    • The answer depended ultimately on a policy decision informed by history and indefinable concepts of nationality and nationhood.