Traducción de Independence Day en Español:

Independence Day

día de la Independencia, n.


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    día de la Independencia masculino
    • August 6, 1962, Jamaica's Independence Day, was the same day this Flag came into use.
    • Only one week earlier, during Independence Day celebrations, soldiers at Moem Barracks near Wewak went on a rampage and set fire to buildings.
    • This day has come to be regarded as Papuan Independence Day.
    • It was the end of a busy week for many of the players, and some of the regulars chose a day off after their round in the Independence Day event the previous day.
    • Instead of celebrating the Independence Day, they were seen sitting around watching over what remained of their homes.
    • Now, probably they will do a warring business tonight given that this is Cuban Independence Day.
    • Colombia celebrates Independence Day on July 20 and the discovery of America on October 12.
    • The fair will be on till August 17, and open on all days, including Sundays and the Independence Day.
    • There are ways and ways how people celebrate the Independence Day.
    • National identity is symbolized by a flag, a national anthem, a seal, and an Independence Day celebrated every year.
    • There are two official days of celebration: Peniamina's Day and Independence Day.
    • There is also an Independence Day and a Jerusalem day.
    • According to the law, the president is required to give a state address every year on Aug.16, one day before Independence Day.
    • The same truck was parked near that same spot two days previous, at the Israeli Independence Day rally.
    • For some Bellarussians, 25 March is celebrated as an unofficial Independence Day.
    • After Friendship Day on August 1, there is Independence Day and Rakhi.
    • The national Tricolour usually becomes a common sight during the Independence Day and the Republic Day.
    • Well, we have another public holiday on Tuesday, it will be Independence Day, another day to look forward to.
    • On Wednesday, the nation celebrated its 60th Independence Day.
    • The day before Independence Day I was buying a book at a fancy bookstore in Mumbai.

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    • En EEUU es el 4 de julio, día festivo oficial en que se celebra la independencia de la nación. En ese día, en 1776, el Continental Congress (el primer cuerpo de gobierno del naciente EEUU) sancionó la Declaración de Independencia (Declaration of Independence).