Traducción de index card en Español:

index card

ficha, n.


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    ficha femenino
    • The simplest, incredibly cheap file is a pack of index cards.
    • What little we do know could fit easily onto a handful of his little index cards.
    • Guest referee Matt Drudge calls out the topics from a set of index cards.
    • For Pushkin's 100-page novel in verse, Nabokov filled a waist-high stack of shoeboxes with 5,000 index cards.
    • On the first day of class every year, she passed out index cards on which we all wrote our names.
    • Hold an official family spelling bee or trivia contest, using index cards to write down words or questions.
    • Each was centered on a 4 "x6" white index card.
    • They each wrote their deepest fear on an index card.
    • Rector carried on the search, poring through thousands of index cards with the names of dead soldiers.
    • I used to waste a lot of time with index cards.
    • We were supposed to write the titles on an index card.
    • To make your own deck, write 1-25 twice on index cards.
    • Please mail your question on a 3 X5 index card, in your own handwriting.
    • I also appreciated your acknowledgement of the index card method.
    • Use the toothpick to mix the epoxy on an index card.
    • From time to time, we see the main character looking at a wall covered with what looks like index cards or post-it notes.
    • Units of information identified in the first step were entered on separate index cards.
    • Rossetti keeps a record of all his clients on index cards.
    • Write down each word from the list below on a different index card.
    • Each card contained a printed word separated by a blank index card.