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indio, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈɪndiən//ˈɪndɪən/


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    (of India)
    hindú uso criticado
    • For the Oneida Nation, Indian gaming is about self-sufficiency and concern for the seventh generation.
    • Is the idea that this may become a breakthrough for Indian film in America, dragging India's Bollywood film culture into modern day?
    • Batista has visited six tribes, sleeping in their housing eating meals with them and relaying to them the teachings of his Carib Indian grandmother.
    • And Muslim Pakistan still occupies Indian territory in Kashmir that it seized by force in 1948.
    • At their peak around 1492, the Indian population of North America had long been transforming the forest for agriculture and hunting.
    • Ironically, as hard and grueling as this brutal old Indian game is, lacrosse retained a reputation as sort of polo without the ponies.
    • Much of the land along rivers above Klamath Lake was former Indian allotment land.
    • Pakistan described the Indian proposal as old and unworkable.
    • Both the Sumu and Miskito languages are derived from the Chibchan Indian language family of South America.
    • The British never solved the problems that had caused the war, nor did they develop a consistent Indian policy for North America.
    • Richard Gott writes on the deepening rebellion sweeping through Latin America and the key role played by indigenous Indian peoples
    • Such a struggle will find a powerful response from the urban and rural masses in Sri Lanka, in the Indian sub-continent as a whole and internationally.
    • A spokesman for Pakistan further enraged Indian opinion by answering that India may have staged the attack upon itself.
    • Persia, now Iran, was once a vast empire stretching from Egypt and the Danube to the Indian sub-continent.
    • The Cherokee War consisted of three campaigns from South Carolina against the Cherokee Indian nations.
    • Born at Shongopovi, Second Mesa, on the Hopi Indian reservation, Tewanima chased jackrabbits as a boy.
    • The city's large Asian population makes it is easier to integrate refugees from the Indian sub-continent including Pakistan and Bangladesh.
    • Despite fears of a war, many observers believe, however, that a concerted Indian attack on Pakistan is unlikely.
    • As with most Indian tribes in North America the lives of the Apache were destroyed as their life-blood, the buffalo were slaughtered by the whites.
    • The exposition is the first one to take Indian designers to Pakistan.
    • This Indian Territory was where eastern Indian tribes such as the Kickapoos, Delawares, and Shawnees lived.
    • Much of the frontier became ‘civilized’ at the cost of shrinking Seminole lands and desecrating Indian burial mounds.
    • This pressure led the police to deport even Indian nationals to Bangladesh.
    • The families of many of the Asian youth who were involved in the disturbances had originally come to the UK from the Indian sub-continent to work in the mills.
    • Derick operated his first projector at the age of 10, and apart from 20 years as a bingo hall manager on the edge of Indian reservations in America, has been a slave to the silver screen.
    • And it has endured; it is already specifically Indian and forms the basis of modern Indian culture.
    • That vast country has over a million troops on the ready after rebels thought to be from Pakistan attacked an Indian army camp in Kashmir.
    • The extent of nationalist mobilization also differs amongst the various Indian tribes in America.
    • It does not, however, seem to have come out of the Indian sub-continent, where so many Greek, Latin, European and Slavonic words are sourced.
    • Many were genre scenes showing everyday Indian life featuring teepees and mounted warriors in traditional costume.
    • Through Black Elk Speaks, the Great Vision helped stimulate a revival of Indian spirituality throughout North America.
    • There is never a dull moment in the great Indian sub-continent, is there?
    • Newspapers published by Indian communities flourish everywhere, and they invariably carry a section with matrimonial ads.
    • It is no coincidence that these countries are among the poorest on the planet and include Sudan, Ethiopia, Senegal, Afghanistan and parts of the Indian sub-continent.
    • In this context, it is critical to review the bitter experience of the masses in the Indian sub-continent, particularly in India and Sri Lanka.
    • After the success of its gridiron coverage, Channel 4 turned its attentions to the subcontinent and the ancient Indian discipline kabaddi.
    • There are two sources of native borrowing: the Canadian Indian languages such as Cree, Dene, and Ojibwa, and Inuktitut, the language of the Inuit or Eskimo.
    • Bangladesh and Indian border troops exchanged fire Thursday for the second straight day as tension rose on the entire border of the two countries.
    • He has witnessed weddings featuring lone pipers, ladies' choirs and even a Sioux Indian ceremony for an American couple wishing to reflect their roots.
    • The top link of the food chain in this region belongs to the polar bears and the Inuit Indian people who are indigenous to this world of ice and cold.
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    (of America)


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    • 1.1(person from India)

      indio masculino
      india femenino
      hindú femenino uso criticado
      • Pima Indians living in Arizona have one of the highest rates of diabetes in the world.
      • They'd apply it to a Quechua Indian who doesn't speak Spanish.
      • So what did this young scientist find from his observations of the Navajo Indians?
      • The rest of its people are Indians, mainly Quechua and Aymara who are subsistence farmers in the mountains.
      • An irate listener called in to say that we were Indians because we were a special people descended from Lord Shiva.
      • After all I thought that just as India was for Indians so were Indians for India!
      • It is, for Indians, their most significant national monument; one they will travel great distances to see.
      • They were cut to pieces by Sioux and Cheyenne Indians in a battle that has assumed legendary proportions.
      • The Indians, Burmese and Siamese all worshiped the snake as a demon who also had good aspects.
      • Gandhi encouraged Indians to boycott British goods and buy Indian goods instead.
      • Helianthus was first grown by the Aztec Indians who worshipped it, ate it, and decorated their wigwams with it.
      • It is not being extended to all Indians who are foreign nationals living in all parts of the world.
      • This battle involved the U.S.A. army against the Sioux and Cheyenne Indians.
      • When I learned that my great-grandmother was an Onondaga Indian, I studied everything I could about the Iroquois.
      • Among Dominicans of African and European decent, Carib Indians maintain their own culture.
      • Before the Spaniards arrived, Arawak Indians farmed and hunted Cuba's fertile lands.
      • Yet again Hollywood exploits another massacre, that of the Sioux Indians at Wounded Knee.
      • There is also the massive and growing presence of Indians and persons of Indian origin at Harvard.
      • It was crude demagogy, browbeating nationalists and Indians through Kashmiriyat.
      • The practice of smoking tobacco came from the native American Indians and the Carib Indians of Tobago.
      • The second main group were foreign nationals; Indians, Singapore Chinese, Africans and others.
      • Native Indians and nationalism, the subjects of these two books, are both topics highly relevant to globalisation.
      • However, there might be differences in this phenotype between immigrant and native Asian Indians.
      • It is virtually a global issue and more prevalent in the South East Asian nations and wherever Indians live.
      • The cliff palace dwellings built by the Anasazi Indians are awe-inspiring.
      • Pioneer Indian or Egyptian nationalists, Pan-Africanists, and Pan-Arabists raged against the European empires which ruled their lives.
      • And there is strong circumstantial evidence that the Indians passed on their discoveries to mathematically knowledgeable Jesuit missionaries who visited India during the fifteenth century.
      • The fans in England don't realize he's a Cree Indian from North America.
      • The Carib Indians who defeated the Arawaks also considered Qualibou a special place.
      • The war began when some Seminole Indians refused to leave Florida, defying the Removal Act.
      • There are similar accounts in Hindi myth, in the Norse sagas, and even among the Hopi Indians of Latin America.
      • By language we are Tamils, by race Dravidians and by nationality Indians.
      • To the Quechua Indians, respect must be given to Pachamama, the Incan earth mother.
      • How many Americans know that Seminole Indians and runaway black slaves formed an alliance in Florida?
      • I looked about me, aware that there were very few Westerners on the flight in comparison to Indians and other nationalities.
      • The Arawak Indians are the people first known to inhabit French Guiana.

    • 1.2British informal (food, meal)

      comida india femenino
      comida hindú femenino uso criticado
      • After the usual speedy sound check Phil and I went for an Indian and a few drinks in the pub over the road.
      • Several pubs, two chippies - well, this is the North-East, after all - and three or four restaurants including a rather posh Indian and a darn good Italian.
      • Shawlands now has an eclectic mix of places to eat, including a new Italian, two new Indians and a Kurdish restaurant.
      • Last Saturday night we went for an Indian, recommended by another Indian, Amit.

  • 2American Indian

    indígena femenino
    indio masculino
    india femenino